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TV faces flock to Kincora book launch

Scandal draws media

THEY say that when a girl gets a new haircut, it often signals she's got

a new man.

a new man.

There may be something to this. Only days after Newsline 6.30 presenter, Yvette Shapiro gets a new haircut, she gets a new co presenter.

With Jim Dougal bowing out to concentrate on political analysis, his seat in the spotlight will now be filled by veteran presenter Conor Bradford.

Whether the arrival of Conor will help deflect the flak directed at the show remains to be seen.

To date the presenters have (unfairly in my opinion) borne the brunt of criticism levelled at the Beeb's flagship news programme.

Not that Ms Shapiro has taken the jibes too much to heart anyway.

Among guests at the book launch for Chris Moore's The Kincora Scandal (Marino Books. £6.99.) at the Wellington Park Hotel the other evening, she was putting up a spirited defence of the programme.

The event saw a big media turnout; no surprise really, since Chris Moore has worked for a number of news outlets in Belfast including the News Letter, The Belfast Telegraph and both the BBC and UTV, and is highly regarded within the industry.

Chris's UTV colleagues were out in force, among them Tony Currie, Paul Robinson, Mary Currie, Mike Nesbitt, Lynda Bryans and Anne Hailes.

Stephen Grimason, the BBC's political correspondent, was putting in a call to his wife Heather. The couple are expecting their fourth child on June 10 _ the same date as the proposed all-party talks.

Stephen explains that when Heather pointed out to him that this might involve a clash of loyalties, he assured her, "I'll be there.

"The thing is," he jokes, "I didn't specify where I'll be."

Other media guests at the launch included Maria McCann and Michael Macmillan from Macmillans and Fiona Moore, who runs the Sky Television office in Belfast and is also coincidentally, Mrs Chris Moore.

Fiona's mother and father, Mary and Derek Boyd were also at the bash.

Derek is due to celebrate his 70th birthday later this year but honestly doesn't look a day over, well, 69 anyway.


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