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Ulster teenager is youngest ever lottery millionairess

Ulster's youngest millionairess was celebrating today _ with a glass of orange juice.

Ulster's youngest millionairess was celebrating today _ with a glass of orange juice.

Tracey Makin, a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Glengormley, scooped £1m on the National Lottery using family birthday dates.

And Tracey, who attends Our Lady of Mercy school in Belfast, is the youngest ever person to win the big prize on the lottery.

'The last few days have just been a bit of a blur but I think it is finally beginning to sink in,' she said.

'Everybody keeps saying that I look so relaxed but on the inside that's not really how I feel.'Tracy revealed that she had already bought her Mum a watch and had paid off a Mediterranean cruise for her parents, Maeve and Jerome, which they booked a few months ago.

And at the moment her only dream is to jet off to Anfield to watch her all-time heroes at Liverpool Football Club.

'This would be a dream come true for me. My favourite player of all time is Michael Owen so it will be fantastic to finally see him playing in real life.'All she has bought so far for herself is a Janet Jackson CD out of her exact winnings of £1,055,171.

A new car for her brother Darren is also top of her shopping list and she has told him he can have whatever he would like.

'I am still really surprised about it all but I plan to go back to school on Monday,' Tracey said.

'It didn't really sink in at the time. I just want to live a normal life and not let it bother me or anything.'Pupils at Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School on Bilston Road today spoke of the excitement that had gripped the school since Tracey's win.

Elaine Birtwhistle (16), who is in Tracey's geography class, said everyone in the school was talking about the big win.

'I am really happy for her,' she said. 'She always worked hard at her schoolwork.

Antoinette Hamilton, who is in Tracey's history class, said: 'Tracey's a great girl. I haven't seen her yet since she won the money but I've heard she's going to buy her mum a house beside the Zoo and a new car for her brother.

'And she's going to buy her friends some new clothes.''The whole school is buzzing with the news _ I don't think anyone can quite believe she has won all that money.'Her mother, Maeve, said Tracey was taking the win in her stride.

'She is being very cool about it but obviously she is ecstatic,' she said.

Tracey bought her ticket in a newsagent's in Belfast.

'She usually buys it from the local newsagent, but because she was in town on Saturday she bought it there,' Mrs Makin said.

And her instant reaction was not to spend, spend, spend. Instead she coolly set off to school to do a word processing exam.

Tracey has only been doing the lottery since her 16th birthday on November 4.

At the moment she is studying for her GCSEs which she plans to take in the summer.