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'You dirty love rat!'

By Sinead McCavana

THIS is Ulster's boyfriend from hell... who's been branded a heartless love cheat, by three of his ex-lovers.

THIS is Ulster's boyfriend from hell... who's been branded a heartless love cheat, by three of his ex-lovers.

The three women have all spoken to Sunday Life, in a bid to warn other unsuspecting women against silver-tongued Romeo, Paul Shivers, who they say brought misery to their lives.

The allegations against the 'Shankill Casanova' read like a plot from a soap opera.

They include:

He ripped off one lover to the tune of £30,000, after persuading her to sell her house, and move in with him.

'Borrowed' charity cash raised for his seriously ill baby son.

Spread rumours that one long-term ex-lover was infertile.

Has the brass neck to still pester the same woman for dates.

He's a control freak, who banned one girlfriend from wearing skirts.

He threatened, and was abusive, to his last lover.

Sunday Life contacted Shivers, who dismissed the claims as "complete nonsense".

"I'll be speaking to my solicitor and the police about this," he added.

"This is all coming from one person."

But when we told him that three ex-lovers had spoken to us, he was suddenly lost for words.

The 38-year-old, who repairs dental equipment for a living, likes to tell his young girlfriends that he's just 30.

Elizabeth Houston, who split up with Shivers three weeks ago, is currently battling to keep a roof over her young children's heads.

Before she met him, she owned her own home - but he persuaded her to sell it, and move in with him. She claims she's been left "broke", after spending just nine months with Shivers, who promised her the earth, including a fairytale wedding, in Mexico.

Since the split, the 32-year-old woman has been approached by a number of his ex-girlfriends.

They have divulged some startling revelations about the man they once loved.

Wendy Jeffrey was in a relationship with him for 10 years, although they didn't live together.

She said they had bought a house, and were about to move in, when she caught him two-timing her.

"I can confirm that Paul is a compulsive liar and a cheat," she told Sunday Life.

"He also goes around telling people that I'm infertile. I don't know why he does that, it's just sick. I want it cleared up that there is nothing wrong with me.

"I think his problem is I dumped him. I'm glad to be rid of him."

Wendy revealed that he still pesters her to go out, and sent her a text message, asking for a date, on St Valentine's Day.

The following day, he was caught by Elizabeth Houston - who he was living with at the time - with another woman!

Like so many others, Elizabeth was swept off her feet, after meeting Paul in a social club.

Just a few weeks later, she says he had talked her into selling her house, and moving in with him.

"Paul said: 'What's the point of us paying two mortgages, you can move in here, and I'll put your name on my mortgage'," she explained.

Elizabeth sold her home, and banked the £40,000 profit from the sale in a joint account.

"He said he would put my name on the house, but every time I asked him about it, he would say it was in the hands of his solicitors. He was very convincing."

However, 'big-hearted' Shivers did put Elizabeth's name on the rates bill, for his Lyndhurst View Close home . . . a discovery she only made after they parted. Sunday Life has seen the rates bill in Elizabeth's maiden name, with arrears amounting to £1,301.75.

And, to her horror, she recently found bank statements, which revealed that he had missed numerous mortgage repayments, despite receiving her contribution of £300 each month.

In the short time the couple were together, Paul had set about making lavish improvements to HIS home, with cash from their joint account.

These included a new garage, bathroom, wooden floors, new windows, doors, and the paving of the driveway.

"Over £20,000 of my money was spent on the house - I don't know where the rest went, but there was only £6,000 left in the account," said Elizabeth.

The relationship began to crumble after Elizabeth caught her boyfriend cheating.

"I confronted him, after catching him and a young woman leaving a B&B, on the Woodvale Road, the morning after Valentine's night," she said.

"But even after that, he would stay out weekends."

The relationship went on for another few months. During this time, Elizabeth claims he became violent towards her.

"On one occasion, he trailed me across the floor, and threw me out into the hall against the banister, and he twisted my arm up my back," she claimed.

"He was also very controlling - I wasn't allowed out, or to wear skirts or make-up.

"My sons weren't allowed to watch TV downstairs, they were always put into their room."

Not long before the couple split, Elizabeth had given Paul another £1,000, which he claimed he needed to pay off a loan he had taken out for his elderly father.

"Later, I went to see his father, and he told me there was no loan," she added.

The final straw came when Elizabeth discovered their bank account had been almost cleared, and she found two sexy texts from other girls, on his phone.

After confronting him again, she says he told her: "Your name has never been on the mortgage, and I'll be throwing you and your sons out on the street."

Elizabeth changed all the locks on the house they shared, and phoned Shivers, to tell him to pick up his clothes.

"After that, he threatened me twice, and I called the police," she said.

A court issued a non-molestation order against him. Now Elizabeth, who has two young sons, Daryl (3) and Jamie (7), has been left with virtually nothing.

"I've cried until I can cry no more," she said.

"He can't keep on doing this to girls.

"I didn't work for 14 years, for it all to be taken away from me and my sons.

"I have made the biggest mistake of my life, and now I'm paying for it."

Mystery of the missing charity money

LOVE rat, Paul Shivers, has denied taking cash raised for seriously ill children . . . including his OWN son.

Over £1,800 - raised at a charity function - went missing for weeks, before Shivers was forced to pay up to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Nathan's mum, Elizabeth Chapman, says Shivers took the cash, and gave her a cheque for the full amount, but it later bounced when the RVH tried to cash it!

Elizabeth and Paul, who were only together for a few months, separated during her pregnancy.

Cute little Nathan, now 20 months old, was born with a hole in his heart, and with one heart valve missing. At just 11 weeks, he had to undergo major surgery, at the RVH.

"It was touch and go for a while. The doctors and nurses were so good to Nathan while he was in hospital, we wanted to give them something back," said Elizabeth.

"We organised a fundraising night, in the local social club, last June.

"We didn't know exactly how much we had lifted, but it was quite a bit.

"Paul wasn't asked to collect the money from the club, but he went the following day, and lifted the money."

Later, he told Elizabeth that he was taking it to the bank, to get a large cheque made out for the presentation.

In July, the mum-of-three handed over a cheque to a nurse from the Children's Clarke Clinic.

The local newspaper, the Shankill Mirror, was even invited along to record the event.

"Paul had given me a regular-sized cheque to hand over, but I didn't think too much about it," she said.

Then, in October, Elizabeth received a letter from the RVH, saying there had been insufficient funds to clear the cheque.

"I contacted Paul immediately. He claimed it had been paid, and would contact the bank. Then he told me he'd paid it to a man in the hospital fund.

"But when I phoned, and asked for this man, no such person existed.

"I kept saying to myself: 'This can't be right. No one could do this to sick children, especially his own child'," said the brunette.

Six weeks later, the money had still not been paid.

"I felt terrible - all the consultants and nurses had thanked me," she said.

Then Elizabeth asked a third party to put pressure on Paul to pay the money.

"A few weeks after that, I got a phone call to say the money - £1,870 - had been paid in cash."

Elizabeth also revealed: "It took Paul four weeks to get around to visiting Nathan, after he was born. He hasn't seen Nathan since July 1 last year."

And she says he has never given her a penny towards supporting the youngster.

"He told me: 'You'll never get nothing out of me'.

"He is the type of guy who could charm the monkeys out of the trees.

"I did love him once . . . but now I wouldn't care if he walked out in front of a bus."



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