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Gloria Hunniford: On-air chemistry caused difficulties

Jackie Fullerton: My wife suffered over affair rumours



VETERAN TV sports presenter Jackie Fullerton has described how his on-air chemistry with Gloria Hunniford caused misery for his wife as false rumours of an affair escalated out of control.

Fullerton shared the screen with Gloria on UTV during the 1980s and they were a big hit with viewers with their banter.

In his autobiography, being serialised in the Belfast Telegraph, Fullerton speaks candidly about how persistent rumours caused suffering for his wife, Linda.

He revealed: "Linda had always been totally supportive, but it can't have been a bed of roses.

"Trust is essential to any marriage, but it doesn't make you immune to doubt. My wife and Gloria's husband were the real victims of the rumour mill."

The television personality even endured showdowns with UTV bosses demanding answers, after it was falsely claimed he had walked out on Linda to set up home with Gloria.

He said: "Before you know it, the decent bloke off the box can become the scumbag who's walked out on his wife to shack up with the blonde."

He also said of his on-screen rapport with Gloria: "If there is such a thing as professional flirting, then that's what we did."

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