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Jamie Dornan: Ulster model's acting debut

Cannes boos at movie hopes



A NEW movie in which Ulster model Jamie Dornan makes his acting debut was booed yesterday at its screening in Cannes.

The film, Marie Antoinette, was the hotly-awaited latest project of world-famous director Sofia Coppola.

It stars Kirsten Dunst (24), as the queen who was guillotined by revolutionaries in 1793, and is Coppola's first as director since the acclaimed Lost in Translation.

Co Down model Jamie Dornan, who dated Keira Knightley for two years and recently landed a Calvin Klein modelling contract opposite Kate Moss, plays Dunst's love interest in the film.

The movie also stars British actor and comic Steve Coogan.

But despite the hype surrounding it, the film was booed by an audience of critics, writers and film goers in the south of France, who did not like Hollywood's treatment of the life of the Austrian-born queen.

Asked about the response to her film, Coppola (35), told a press conference held immediately after the screening at the Cannes Film Festival that she was "disappointed".

The director, who also wrote the £21m movie, said: "I don't know about the boos. It's news to me."

But she added: "Well, that's disappointing to hear. It's better to get a reaction, it's better than a mediocre response. Hopefully some people will enjoy it. I think it's not for everybody."

Spider-Man star Dunst defended the film, saying: "I like the movie and I'm really proud."


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