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Kid sex link to fireball horror

By Ciaran McGuigan and Stephen Breen

The man killed in a horrific fireball attack last week was a convicted child sex pervert.

The man killed in a horrific fireball attack last week was a convicted child sex pervert.

And police believe Tommy O'Hare's sordid past may be the key to the brutal vigilante attack at his Co Armagh home last Monday.

O'Hare (33) died in hospital on Friday from the severe burns he received when his home at Tassagh, near Keady, exploded into a ball of flames.

His girlfriend Lisa McClatchey - the step granddaughter of former Co Armagh Orange Grand Master Harold Gracey - is still in a critical condition in hospital.

Sunday Life can also reveal the dead man was a relative of notorious INLA terrorist Dessie 'The Border Fox' O'Hare.

The couple were at home when a gang of six burst into their bungalow and attacked O'Hare.

It's believed he had been threatened previously in relation to a sex attack on a young man.

Sunday Life understands that O'Hare was convicted of a sexual offence against a young male six years ago.

Although the case only came before the courts in 2000, it's understood the abuse took place when O'Hare was a youth.

And police are believed to be treating that case as a likely motive in last Monday's attack.

It's understood that when the gang burst into the house, they broke both of O'Hare's legs before dousing both him and Miss McClatchey in petrol. When the bungling attackers went to set fire to the couple, the whole house exploded into a ball of flames that also engulfed at least four members of the vicious gang.

It is also believed a spark from a cigarette lighter is believed to have ignited the room when it was lit by a gang member.

A senior police source told us they believed the gang had only intended to scare the couple before the room exploded.

Four brothers were later admitted to hospital in Drogheda just hours after the attack.

They were later moved to hospital in Dublin, where they were being kept under Garda protection while police wait to be able to interview them.

A fifth man, aged 43, was arrested in Northern Ireland on Friday and was being questioned about the attack.

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