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Queen's University of Belfast Graduation Afternoon Ceremony


Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy

Claire Amelia COCKERILL (in absentia)


Catherine DUFFY

Roisin Siobhan Evelyn HALL (in absentia)

Andrew John HARRISON

Christopher HOLLAND

Michael John Gerard JOHNSTON

David Andrew LIPSCOMB

Josephine Margaret McCALLISTER

Stanley William James McDOWELL

Iain Robert MISKELLY

Thelma Carol MURPHY

Ian John SHORT

Master of Science by Examination Communication – Strategic Management and Marketing


Alex McKEE (in absentia)

Communication – Training and Development

Elaine Majella CONNOLLY

Roisin Brigid CONWAY

Ciara Majella MURPHY

Carol O'CONNOR (in absentia)

Michael Gerald ORR

Rural Development

William James MOORE

Rural Development and Project Management

Anna Marie MURRAY (in absentia)

Bachelor of Science First Class Honours

Emma Louise CHAMBERS in Biochemistry

Sharon DOAKE in Zoology

Sean Michael FITZPATRICK in Biological Sciences

Gemma McCLATCHEY in Microbiology

Second Class Honours, First Division

Lynsey ADAMS in Genetics

Liam BARR in Microbiology

Patricia BREEN in Marine Biology

Lynsey Rae CHATHAM in Biochemistry

Sean CLIFFORD in Marine Biology

Neil CUNNINGHAM in Biochemistry

Catherine Frances DEVINE in Biological Sciences

Jennifer FIRTH in Marine Biology

Andrew Richard FRAZER in Biochemistry

Clare GALLAGHER in Environmental Biology

Kirsty Louise Caroline GRAFTON in Biological Sciences

Richard David William GREEN in Environmental Biology

Natalie Evelyn HAMILTON in Zoology

Billy HO in Biological Sciences

Rachel KERR in Zoology

Caitriona LAGAN in Biological Sciences

Andrew Edward LOGAN in Biochemistry

Claire Louise LOVE in Biological Sciences

Louise Martha Sarah MACAULAY in Zoology

Ami Kate MACMURDO in Environmental Biology

William Albert George MARTIN in Biological Sciences

Grainne Maura McAULEY in Biological Sciences

Fiona Patricia McCONVERY in Biological Sciences

Sinead McELHATTON in Biological Sciences

Neil Jonathan McFARLANE in Biochemistry

Gayle Paula McKNIGHT in Zoology

Lisa Hanna Jane PIERSON in Biological Sciences

Linda Maria RASDALE in Zoology

Damian Joseph SCULLION in Zoology

Charlotte THOMAS in Genetics

Emma Maria TONER in Biological Sciences

David TREW in Genetics

Gemma VENERUSO in Marine Biology

Deborah Zara WHITE in Genetics

Naomi WILSON in Zoology

Lynsey YOUNG in Biochemistry

Second Class Honours Second Division

Julie Isobel ALLEN in Biochemistry (in absentia)

Ciara BLACK in Microbiology

Fiona BONNER in Biological Sciences

Ashley Jennifer BOTHWELL in Microbiology

Michael Craig BROWN in Genetics

Jonathan CASH in Biological Sciences

Wendy Louise CRAWFORD in Biological Sciences

John Mark CURRIE in Genetics

Grahame Stuart DAVIS in Microbiology

Ashleigh Mary EVANS in Zoology

Wilson Ian FLEMING in Microbiology

Neil Andrew FREEBURN in Environmental Biology

Frances Margaret GEORGE in Marine Biology

Michael Terence GILMORE in Marine Biology

Raymond GRAHAM in Marine Biology

Jason Clifford HAMPTON in Biological Sciences

Andrew James HINDLEY in Genetics

Brian Gerard KELLY in Genetics

Richard KYLE in Environmental Biology

Steven William LECKEY in Environmental Biology

Jenny Lee LOWRY in Biochemistry

Patrick LOWRY in Biological Sciences

Christine McANALLY in Genetics

Helen McCOMB in Zoology

Sara Judith McSWIGGAN in Biochemistry

Carol MILLAR in Biochemistry

Crawford NELSON in Zoology

Mark Patrick ORMSBY in Zoology

Jonathan William PARR in Environmental Biology

Brian Michael REIHILL in Environmental Biology

Karen Rosaleen RENTOUL in Environmental Biology

Aaron SCOTT in Biochemistry

Catherine Louise TEAGUE in Biological Sciences

Mark Alan WATT in Biological Sciences

Third Class Honours

Stephen CHAMBERS in Biological Sciences

John Joseph Benjamin ROBERTSON in Genetics

Arousa YAQUB in Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Science Joint Honours Schools – Single Classification First Class Honours

Robert TURKINGTON in Biochemistry and Mathematics

Bachelor of Agriculture Second Class Honours, First Division

Kristie Alexandra COLBERT

William James Alexander McCOLLUM

William Arthur John RUTLEDGE

Second Class Honours, Second Division

John Frederick Cecil BEACOM

William George MOORHEAD

Bachelor of Science First Class Honours

Francina Rose BALDRICK in Food and Nutrition

Angela Nancy WATTERSON in Food and Nutrition

Second Class Honours, First Division

William John Thomas ALLISTER in Agricultural Technology

Jonathan Ivor ANDERSON in Agricultural Technology

Robin ARNOLD in Agricultural Technology

Alastair Robert BOYLE in Agricultural Technology

Michael CAIRNS in Rural Resources

Louise Mary CHESTNUTT in Food and Nutrition

Mairead DAVIDSON in Food and Nutrition

Claire Elizabeth DUNLOP in Food Science

Jonathan Wesley James FARMER in Agricultural Technology

Kathryn FARRELL in Food and Nutrition

Allen Malcolm HALL in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

Jane Elizabeth JUNK in Food and Nutrition

Gemma LIPTON in Food and Nutrition

Cathy Ann McDOWELL in Food and Nutrition

Patricia McMULLIN in Animal Science

Diane MOFFITT in Agricultural Technology

Donna Marie O'NEILL in Food and Nutrition

David Leslie PLAYFAIR in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

David RUDDELL in Agricultural Technology

Stewart Boyd STEVENSON in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness (in absentia)

Mekee TSANG in Food and Nutrition

Second Class Honours, Second Division

Muhammad AMIN

Geraldine ANDREWS in Economics and Management: Environment and Rural Resources

Robert BEGGS in Rural Resources

Daniel BOGUES in Economics and Management: Environment and Rural Resources

Irene Marion Janet BROWN in Agricultural Technology

Jill CASTLES in Animal Science

Ruth CLARKE in Food Science

Damian Michael DALY in Rural Resources

Sarah Louise FLEMING in Animal Science

Stephen Harold GRAHAM in Agricultural Technology

Chris JAMISON in Agricultural Technology

James JOHNSTON in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

Stephen KEYS in Agricultural Technology

Edel LONG in Agricultural Technology

Sarah Rebekah MARSHALL in Food and Nutrition

Rosemary Elizabeth McALLISTER in Agricultural Technology

Claire Yvonne McAULEY in Microbiology

Claire McCONNELL in Rural Resources

Julie Ann Catherine McCOURT in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

John McKEE in Economics and Management: Environment and Rural Resources

William RYAN in Agricultural Technology

Paula Mary WALSH in Food and Nutrition

Sean WALSH in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

Andrew Thomas WILSON in Agricultural Technology

Jonathan Samuel WILSON in Agricultural Technology

Third Class Honours

Robert Henry FLECK in Economics and Management: Environment and Rural Resources

Niall GRIBBIN in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

Helen WOOD in Economics and Management: AgriBusiness

Bachelor of Science (Ordinary Degree)

Nicola McELROY


Doctor of Philosophy


Vivion Andrew BRENNAN

Gary Matthew CONNOR

Paul CRAWFORD (in absentia)


Louise Anne FIDO

Julie Anne HANNA

Jonathan Brendan HUDDLESTON


David McKEE

David John MILROY


Edel Angela MULLAN



Narayanamudalige Sathkumara SIRIMUTHU

Caitriona Brid SPILLANE

Andrew Douglas WALKER

Master of Philosophy

Susana CONDE GUADANO (in absentia)

Master of Engineering First Class Honours

Colm James HAGAN in Chemical with Polymer Engineering

William Robert Jonathan HANSON in Chemical Engineering

Lisa MARLOW in Chemical Engineering

Rebecca Elizabeth O'NEILL in Chemical Engineering

Gavin David RAINEY in Chemical Engineering

Patrick ROGERS in Chemical Engineering

Michelle Anna VANN in Chemical Engineering

Mark Andrew WILSON in Chemical Engineering

Second Class Honours, First Division

Gemma CROMIE in Chemical Engineering

Ciaran Michael DOHERTY in Chemical Engineering

Stewart William Kells GLENDINNING in Chemical Engineering

Lynsey Fiona HAMILTON in Chemical Engineering

Rory MAGUIRE in Chemical Engineering

Eoin McGONIGLE in Chemical Engineering

Rosemary Geraldine McKENNA in Chemical with Polymer Engineering

Richard James SWANSTON in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science First Class Honours

Claire Lisa MULLAN in Chemistry

Maeve O'NEILL in Medicinal Chemistry (in absentia)

Second Class Honours, First Division

John Robert BARKLIE in Chemistry

Lindsay Joanne DEAKIN in Chemistry

Philip Thomas IRWIN in Chemistry

Lucy MARSDEN in Medicinal Chemistry

Glenn McCREERY in Medicinal Chemistry

Caitriona Teresa McNALLY in Chemistry

Sylvia Kathleen MORROW in Medicinal Chemistry

Matthew Eric Stanley WEST in Medicinal Chemistry

Second Class Honours, Second Division

Charles Edward CANNING in Medicinal Chemistry

Andrew James CONNOLLY in Medicinal Chemistry

Jennifer Elizabeth DICK in Medicinal Chemistry

Longwan HUANG in Medicinal Chemistry (in absentia)

Julie McAULEY in Medicinal Chemistry

Third Class Honours

Stephen McCORMICK in Chemistry

Kathryn Mary McLERNON in Chemistry

Ciara Elizabeth NEELY in Medicinal Chemistry


Doctor of Medicine

Mohammad Ibrahim HEGAB


Doctor of Philosophy

Richard John BUICK


Qiling HE

Dachuan JIN (in absentia)

Andrea Anna Louise McCULLA

Glenda Joanne McGONIGLE

Mary Margaret MELIA

Selinda Jane ORR

Bachelor of Science First Class Honours

Sarah Alison BLAIR in Biomedical Science

Laura Joanne CARSON in Biomedical Science

Paula DICKSON in Biomedical Science

Jenny GULLEN in Biomedical Science

Laura HARWOOD in Biomedical Science

Francis Gerard Patrick McCOY in Biomedical Science

Christina O'NEILL in Biomedical Science

Rachel Ellen SWITZER in Biomedical Science

Second Class Honours, First Division

Robert David James ARMSTRONG in Biomedical Science

Claire BARR in Biomedical Science

Leanne Thereze BREEN in Biomedical Science

Caroline Ann COBINE in Biomedical Science

Deborah Mary COLLINS in Biomedical Science

Bernadette CRAWLEY in Biomedical Science

Diane CURRIE in Biomedical Science

Diane Alexandra HARSHAW in Biomedical Science

Patricia HARTE in Biomedical Science

Rachel Ann McCLOSKEY in Biomedical Science

Marcella McGHEE in Biomedical Science

Jon McKEE in Biomedical Science

Nicola McKENNA in Biomedical Science

Fiona Anne McMANUS in Biomedical Science

Cormac McNULTY in Biomedical Science

Catherine Elizabeth MOFFATT in Biomedical Science

Hannah Elizabeth MOFFETT in Biomedical Science

Nida NADEEM in Biomedical Science

Caoimhe Brid NIC AN TSAOIR in Biomedical Science

Mari Sian PAUL in Biomedical Science

David Colin Ernest RUTHERFORD in Biomedical Science

David WALSHE in Biomedical Science

Connor WHORISKEY in Biomedical Science

Ken Chun WONG in Biomedical Science

Steven WORKMAN in Anatomy

Second Class Honours, Second Division

Peter BENNETT in Biomedical Science

Ruth Maria BUTLER in Biomedical Science

Chinta Puza CHISAMBO in Biomedical Science

Laurence Edward COMISKEY in Biomedical Science

Patricia Anne HIGGINS in Biomedical Science

Karen Mary KELLY in Biomedical Science

Eoghan Gerard KERLIN in Physiology

Julie Catherine LYNCH in Physiology

Aislinn MARTIN in Biomedical Science (in absentia)

Krystle Karen Elizabeth McCAUGHEY in Biomedical Science

Naomh Ann McLOUGHLIN in Biomedical Science

Kim MOYLAN in Biomedical Science

Laura Alice RITCHIE in Biomedical Science

Karen Victoria WHELAN in Biomedical Science

Third Class Honours

Marc James KELLY in Biomedical Science


Doctor of Philosophy

Jose Antonio DUENAS DIAZ (in absentia)

Ruaidhri GRIEVE

Trevor Allan KIDD

Leandro Miguel LIBORIO

Barry Brendan LYNN

Helen Sarah McANENEY

Jonathan McANENEY


Miruna Daniela POPESCU

Barry SHAW

Master of Philosophy

Robert John WILSON

Master in Science First Class Honours

John Desmond ALEXANDER in Physics

Grainne BEGLEY in Mathematics

Damien BURNS in Mathematics

Robert Mark CROCKETT in Physics with Astrophysics

Samuel Robert DUDDY in Physics with Astrophysics

Neale Patrick GIBSON in Physics with Astrophysics

Laura Anne HILL in Mathematics

Deborah HUTCHINSON in Mathematics

Gerard LUNDY in Mathematics and Computer Science

Jonathan Mark McADAMS in Physics with Astrophysics

John Frederick Henry McCLURE in Physics

Martin McGARVEY in Mathematics

Martin McGOVERN in Theoretical Physics

Stephen McMAHON in Physics

Tony MERRIGAN in Physics with Astrophysics

Judith Ruth MILLAR in Mathematics

Malachy O'KANE in Mathematics

Sean Christopher SPRINGER in Mathematics

Second Class Honours, First Division

Patrick HEGARTY in Physics with Astrophysics

Brendan McGRATH in Theoretical Physics

Neil Anthony MORRIS in Mathematics

Daniel Patrick O'CONNOR in Physics

Colin George PIGGOTT in Mathematics

Mark WETHERALL in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science First Class Honours

Patricia AGNEW in Physics

Philip Stephen CAMPBELL in Applied Mathematics and Physics (in absentia)

Anne-Marie Elizabeth CONNOLLY in Mathematics

Sarah Louise DONNAN in Mathematics

Carly EDGAR in Mathematics

Claire Jayne GRAHAM in Mathematics

Claire Louise HARPER in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Sarah Isobel IRWIN in Mathematics

David Francis KEANE in Physics with Extended Studies in Europe

James Samuel MAGUIRE in Mathematics

Conor MAHER-McWILLIAMS in Physics (in absentia)

Rebecca Lynette MARTIN in Mathematics

Julie McCONKEY in Mathematics

Michael McVEIGH in Mathematics

Lisa MORAN in Mathematics

Giulio NAPOLITANO in Physics with Astrophysics

Kevin Edward QUINN in Physics with Astrophysics

Ciara RODGERS in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research

Mark Benjamin WATSON in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Elaine WOODS in Physics with Astrophysics

Second Class Honours, First Division

Jenna BANKHEAD in Physics with Astrophysics

Naomi Frances EGGL in Mathematics

Bríd FLANAGAN in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research

Gerard FLYNN in Mathematics and Computer Science

Linda Elaine FOTHERINGHAM in Mathematics

Cathal GALLAGHER in Theoretical Physics

Andrea Karen GILLESPIE in Mathematics

Ian Robert HAMILTON in Mathematics

Emma JACKSON in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research

Helen Louise LAVERY in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research

Caroline Amanda MATCHETT in Mathematics

David James MATHEWS in Physics

Kira McCONNELL in Mathematics

Gareth McCROSSAN in Mathematics

Bronagh McGUINNESS in Mathematics

Mark Francis MUIR in Physics with Astrophysics

Colm MULHERN in Mathematics

Colm Philip O'NEILL in Physics with Astrophysics

David Frank PEOPLES in Mathematics

Cathal QUIGG in Mathematics

Philomena Alice RIGNEY in Mathematics

Catherine Louise ROULSTON in Mathematics

Gervase Anthony SCULLION in Mathematics

Christopher Kenneth William SHEEHAN in Physics with Astrophysics

John SKEFFINGTON in Physics with Astrophysics

Michael TRACEY in Mathematics

Second Class Honours, Second Division

Christopher BLAIR in Physics with Astrophysics

Naomi Christine BROWN in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Roisin BROWN in Mathematics

Martin Joseph FRYER in Mathematics

Beverley GLASS in Mathematics

Colin HUGHES in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Lynne LOUGHERY in Mathematics

David Gordon McCONNELL in Physics

Valerie Isabelle McCRACKEN in Mathematics

Gary James McKEE in Physics

Gareth Brendan McLAUGHLIN in Physics

Connor Niall McMULLAN in Physics with Astrophysics

Ciara Maria McRORY in Mathematics

Stephen David McSHANE in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Clare MORROW in Mathematics (in absentia)

Joanne O'HAGAN in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research

Brendan Patrick O'NEILL in Mathematics

Timothy SIMPSON in Physics with Astrophysics

Matthew Scott Richard SLATOR in Mathematics

Darren THOMPSON in Physics with Astrophysics

Third Class Honours

Zhenfeng CUI in Physics (in absentia)

Louise FEGAN in Mathematics

Colin Robert GLASGOW in Mathematics and Computer Science

Sean GRANT in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Conall Pierce HANNA in Physics with Astrophysics

Niall HARDEN in Physics (in absentia)

Niall James HEWITT in Physics (in absentia)

Shanelle Mary KELLY in Mathematics

Nial Thomas PICKERING in Physics

Gabrielle PRESTON in Mathematics

Terence James SHEPPARD in Physics with Astrophysics

Bachelor of Science (Ordinary Degree)

Sharon ASTON

Darren David Leonard BEYNON (in absentia)

Edwin Graeme HOWE

Rossa William KEEGAN (in absentia)

Clodagh LUNDY

Michael Padraig MURPHY



Graduate Diploma in Rural Development


Diploma in Communication – Strategic Management and Marketing

Aaron David McCLELLAND

Linda Kathleen McGUINNESS

Diploma in Communication – Training and Development

Fiona Mary DEVLIN

Michael Gerard McCULLAGH


Postgraduate Certificate in Communication

Kathryn Anne LATHE



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