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First Class Honours

Suzanne AGNEW in English

Helen Colette BAILEY in Science

Clare Marie CAMPBELL in Religious Studies

Lisa Marie CAREY in Art and Design

Sean Patrick James CONAGHAN in Music

Ailis Mary CULLINAN in Dramatic Art with English (in absentia)

Caoimhe Mary CURRIE in English

Ciarrai Marie FEARON in Art and Design

Siobhan Mary HANRATTY in Science

Noeleen Maria HAUGHIAN in Geography

Fiona Mary HOLLAND in Business Studies

Kevin Eoin HOLLY in Science

Steven John HUGHES in Celtic

Christopher Anthony MARTIN in History

Helen Catherine McBRIDE in Geography

Kelly Mary McCLEAN in English

Nuala Marie McCLOSKEY in Celtic

Claire Teresa McELHONE in History

Anne Marie McNALLY in Science

Michelle Mary McQUILLAN in English

Siobhan Marie MURPHY in Science

Fiachra Liam O'DONGHAILE in Celtic

Claire Marie O'HIGGINS in Religious Studies

Donna Maria O'REILLY in Business Studies

Kevin Patrick RAFFERTY in Art and Design

Second Class Honours, First Division

Lee-Anne Martina ADAMS in Art and Design

Claire Mary BIRT in Art and Design

Catriona Marie BRADY in History

Susan Mary BYRNES in Music

Laura-Ann CAIRA-PHILLIPS in Religious Studies

Maria Catherine Anne CARBERRY in Business Studies

Pauline Mary CARBERRY in English

Bronagh CARLIN in Celtic

Lorraine Bridgina CARROLL in Mathematics

Mary Concepta CATNEY in History

Orla Teresa CLARKE in Geography

Jacqueline Philomena Frances CONWAY in Religious Studies

Fiona CONWELL in English

Evelyn Grace COYLE in Business Studies

Lindsey Paulette CURRAN in Business Studies

Claire Louise DALY in Physical Education

Clare Patricia DEVINE in Art and Design

Fiona Anne DEVINE in Mathematics

Laura Teresa DEVLIN in Religious Studies

Caoimhe Ann DONNELLY in Celtic

Ciara Ann DONNELLY in Physical Education

Mark Stephen DONNELLY in Science

Adele DORAN in English

Ciara Ann DOUGLAS in Religious Studies

Julie Mary FALOON in Science

Claire Frances FLYNN in Business Studies

Karen Josephine GILLOWAY in English

Daniel James GORDON in Physical Education

Leanne Mary GORDON in Religious Studies

Regina Frances GOUGH in Mathematics

Charlene Patricia GRAHAM in English

Grainne Marian GRAINGER in Religious Studies

Louise Bronagh GRANT in Geography

Colette GRIBBEN in Religious Studies

Onagh Marie GRIBBEN in Science

Oonagh Margaret GRIBBIN in Religious Studies

Jonathan Peter GUY in Geography

Caimin Paul HARRIS in History

Michaela Mary HARTE in Celtic

Rachel Marie HARVEY in English

Claire Marie HENRY in Science

Danielle Gemma HIGGINS in English

Katherine Mary HOLLYWOOD in Mathematics

Mary Elizabeth HORTON in Music

Mairead Patricia HURSON in Celtic

Kevin Joseph Martin JONES in Music

Michael Andrew JONES in Geography

Laura Mary KEARNEY in Art and Design

Alanna Maire KELLY in English

Caroline KELLY in Business Studies

Lisa Mariea KENNEDY in History

Donna Marie KERINS in English

Sharmila Kaur KHERA in Religious Studies

James Niall KING in Religious Studies

Karen Marie KING in Music

Kathryn Mary LAGAN in Business Studies

Emma Jane LENNON in Geography

Kellie Marie LOUGHRAN in Technology and Design

Geraldine Ann MARTIN in History

Catherine Erin McBRIDE in Business Studies

Marie Anne McCALLION in Religious Studies

Nuala McCANN in Geography

Roisin McCONVILLE in Religious Studies

Aine Mary McCORMACK in Geography

Katharine McCOY in Science

Alice Jean McCRORY in Religious Studies

Elaine McCRORY in History

Mark James McCULLAGH in Physical Education

Elaine Martina McELHATTON in Religious Studies

Cathy Ann McERLEAN in Physical Education

Imelda McFLYNN in Geography

Frances Lynette McGEE in Geography

Joanne Catherine McGEOUGH in Religious Studies

Ciara Marie McGEOWN in Religious Studies

Pauline Mary McGEOWN in Religious Studies

Laura Patricia McGILLAN in English

Shauna Bernadette McGINLEY in English

Mary Catherine McGONAGLE in Business Studies

Caoimhe McHUGH in Celtic (in absentia)

Coleen Mary McHUGH in English

Leanne Martha McHUGH in Religious Studies

Sara Winifred McHUGH in Religious Studies

Mary Emma McILVAR in Religious Studies

Aileen McINTYRE in Business Studies

Sinead Anne McKEEVER in Religious Studies

Sean Patrick McKENNA in History

Eithne Clare McLARNON in Religious Studies

Clare Marie McMANUS in Religious Studies

Dervla Catherine McMASTER in Physical Education

Fiona Claire McNAUGHTON in History

Marie Trese McNULTY in Religious Studies

Barry John David McPARLAND in Physical Education

Joanne MORGAN in Religious Studies

Claire MULHOLLAND in Geography

Damian Martin Mullan MULHOLLAND in Art and Design

Gabrielle Bernadette MULHOLLAND in Geography

Louise Elizabeth MULHOLLAND in Celtic

Oonagh Marie MULLAN in Art and Design

Patrick Martin Peter MURPHY in Mathematics

Ciara NELSON in Business Studies

Majella Bernadette NUGENT in History

Karen Teresa O'CALLAGHAN in Mathematics

Jennifer Catherine O'CONNELL in Physical Education

Katrina Teresa O'DONNELL in Business Studies

Pauline O'HAGAN in English

Aisling Margaret O'HANLON in Art and Design

Aislinn Marie O'HARE in English

Aileen Marie O'KANE in Science

Terence John O'NEILL in Physical Education

Jane Mary O'REILLY in English

Bernadette Eileen O'ROURKE in Religious Studies

Fiona Mary OWENS in Mathematics

Deirdre Maeve PHELAN in Science

Lisa Bernadette PREECE in Business Studies

Aine Mary QUINN in Science

Andrea Mary Frances QUINN in Music

Danielle Catherine QUINN in Religious Studies

Selina Ann QUINN in Dramatic Art with English

Michelle Margaret ROBINSON in Mathematics

Catherine Mary RODGERS in English

Marie Martha Elaine SEMPLE in Science

Helen Bernadette SHEPPARD in Celtic

Leanne SILCOCK in Physical Education

Rosena SLANE in History

Grainne Siobhan SMITH in Music

Ciara Oonagh SMYTH in Religious Studies

Shiana Marie SMYTH in Art and Design

Jenny Colette Mary TAGGART in Religious Studies

Michelle Veronica TEAGUE in Business Studies

Lisa Michelle TOHILL in Physical Education

Eilis Mary TONER in Celtic

Melanie TRAINOR in History

Claire Marie TREANOR in Music

Clare WISDOM in Geography

Ciaran Anthony WRIGHT in Religious Studies

Second Class Honours, Second Division

Patrice BROLLY in Science

Joanne Elizabeth CAMPBELL in Physical Education

Breige Eleanor CASSIDY in English

Danielle Marie CLARKE in Business Studies

Michelle Una COLTON in Religious Studies

Catherine Rose CONVERY in Business Studies

Teresa GOLLOGLY in Geography (in absentia)

Emma Michaela HARKIN in Music

Kiera Louise IRVINE in Religious Studies

Charlene Ann KELLY in Business Studies

Catriona Mary KILLEN in English

Jonathan Paul LOUGHRAN in Technology and Design

Lauren Joanne MACDONALD in Religious Studies (in absentia)

Peter Brian Joseph MARRS in Technology and Design

Breige Marie McALLISTER in Mathematics

Aine Mary McCULLA in English

Sinead Majella McGUIGAN in Business Studies

Ronan Henry Thomas McMAHON in Physical Education (in absentia)

Anneka Zoe McNEILL in Religious Studies

Sarah Jayne MURPHY in Business Studies

Kevin Gerard MURRAY in Celtic (in absentia)

Naoimh Bernadette Margaret MURRAY in Physical Education

Sarah Majella MURRAY in Religious Studies

Edel Patricia O'DONNELL in Business Studies

Fiona Claire O'GRADY in Business Studies

Theresa Patricia O'NEILL in Religious Studies

Sheena Dee SCOTT in Technology and Design

Feargal Hugh SCULLION in Technology and Design

Mel TAGGART in Technology and Design

Lorraine Teresa TAYLOR in English

Mairead WOODS in Mathematics


Bachelor of Education First Class Honours

Gillian Sarah ANDREWS in English

Judith BROWN in Religious Studies

Joanne Beverley CARDWELL in Religious Studies

Lindsay CHISM in History

Lisa Margaret COCHRANE in Geography

Jenny Louise COPELTON in English

Sean Derek COURTNEY in Technology and Design

Ceara Louise DICKSON in English

Helen DOWSE in Religious Studies

Amy Jay FARRELL in Science

Pamela Louise FAULKNER in Religious Studies

Lynsey Elizabeth FINLAY in Geography

Karen GILMOUR in Computing and Information Technology

Hilary GRAHAM in Computing and Information Technology

Andrew John William GRAY in Technology and Design

Katherine Margaret HAMILTON in Art and Design

Patricia Ruth HARRIS in History

Laura Ann HAWTHORNE in Business Studies

Stephen KING in Science

Paul Ernest James KISSICK in Technology and Design

Deborah Elizabeth LAMBE in Religious Studies

Sarah Emily Jane LLOYD in Physical Education

Emma Joanne LOUGH in English

Lynne MALCOLMSON in Art and Design

Suzanne Victoria MARCUS in Religious Studies

Julie Dawn McBRIDE in Religious Studies

Jillian McCAUGHEY in Science

Karen Lorna McCLEAN in Art and Design

Debbie MOORE in Art and Design

Amanda Jane MULHOLLAND in History

Donna Ellen NICHOLL in Geography

Philip Martin ROBINSON in Religious Studies

Sarah Louise SLOAN in Geography

Diane STIRRUP in Business Studies

Andrew James TELFORD in Business Studies

Traci Marie TELFORD in English

Gary TONEY in Technology and Design

Stephanie TRUESDALE in Mathematics

Alison Muriel WALLACE in Science

Claire Joanne WEST in Computing and Information Technology

Christine Sarah Ethel WOODS in Science

Second Class Honours, First Division

Gary Alexander ADAMS in Computing and Information Technology

Judith Diane ALEXANDER in Religious Studies

Pauline Nicole ALLEN in English

Claire Rachelle ANDERSON in Computing and Information Technology

Gayle Carolyn ANDERSON in Music

Nicola Donna ANDERSON in English

Christopher BALLENTINE in Geography (in absentia)

Heather BEATTIE in Geography

Cathy Jayne BELL in Religious Studies

Helen Louise BELL in Science

Ian Alexander BINGHAM in Religious Studies

Deborah Mary BISSET in Religious Studies

Ken John Nathan BLACKSTOCK in Business Studies

Emma Louise BLAIR in Business Studies

Louise Margaret BONAR in History

Julie BRADY in Science

Jayne BRATTON in Business Studies

Lisa Marie Colette BREEN in Religious Studies

Samantha Jane BRITTON in Art and Design

Jill BUCKLEY in Dramatic Art with English

Judith Lisa BURNS in Dramatic Art with English

Julie Katherine CAMPBELL in Computing and Information Technology

Laura Elizabeth CAMPBELL in History

Joan Lynn CASKEY in Religious Studies

Linzi CINNAMOND in Mathematics

James Robert CLELAND in Mathematics

Linda Jeanette CRANGLE in Music

Claire CROMIE in Religious Studies

Sarah Joanne CROOKS in Science

Jill Adair CUMMINGS in English

Judith Louise CUMMINS in Geography

Joanne Elizabeth DOHERTY in Physical Education

Naomi Catherine DUNCAN in Science

Nicola Charlotte FRY in Business Studies

Joanne Geraldine GEDDIS in Physical Education

Simon Alfred GENOE in Business Studies

Kerri Louise GIBSON CHAPMAN in Computing and Information Technology

Lindsay Sarah Jane GIVEN in Science

Steven Raymond GLENN in Religious Studies

Peter Jordan GOOD in Science (in absentia)

Avril Margaret GRAHAM in Geography

Cheryl GRAHAM in Geography

Caroline GREEN in Art and Design

Suzanne GREENAWAY in Computing and Information Technology

Charleen Elizabeth GRIMES in Computing and Information Technology

Jennifer HAMILTON in Geography

Kerrie Rachelle HAMILTON in Business Studies

Victoria Sarah HARRISON in Religious Studies

Neil David HASTINGS in Physical Education

Janie HAZLEY in Religious Studies

Grace Victoria INGRAM in English

Joy Ruth IRWIN in Music

Lynda JAMISON in Science

Jacqueline JOHNSTON in Dramatic Art with English

Lynsey Anne JOHNSTON in Dramatic Art with English

Suzanne Elizabeth JOHNSTON in English

Hannah Leanne KELLY in Physical Education

Judith KERR in Science (in absentia)

Stacey Victoria LEMON in Religious Studies

Leanne Alison LOCKHART in Religious Studies

Sonia Jane LOWRY in Science

Sarah Dawn McALLISTER in Computing and Information Technology

Jennifer McAULEY in Religious Studies

Paula Louise McCLEAN in English

Elaine Sarah McCONNELL in Art and Design

Lisa Anne McCORKELL in English

Claire McCULLOUGH in Business Studies

Grace Naomi McDONAGH in Music

Jessica Kelly McFARLAND in Religious Studies

Karen McILROY in Science

Jacqueline Mary Ruth McINTYRE in Dramatic Art with English

Bridget Tracy McKEEVER in Physical Education

Amanda McLEESE in Religious Studies

Lynsey McLEESE in Geography

Emma Louise McMASTER in Mathematics

Carolyn Sharon MEYER in Religious Studies

Katherine Yvette MILLAR in Mathematics

Louise MILLIGAN in History

Michelle Margaret MITCHELL in Art and Design

Susan Anna Eveleen MOORE in Geography

Susanne MORTON in Religious Studies

Sharon Rebecca Andrea MURPHY in History

Rachel NICHOLSON in Business Studies

Anne Elizabeth O'MALLEY in Mathematics

Sarah O'SHAUGHNESSY in Mathematics

Elise PARKE in Art and Design

Jennifer Alexis PARKER in Physical Education

Emma Janne PATTON in Art and Design

Nicola Claire PERCY in Music

Pauline PULFORD in Religious Studies

Judith Ann QUINN in Mathematics

Lynn Ellen RADCLIFFE in Computing and Information Technology

Joanne Marie Elaine REID in History

Gemma Elizabeth ROBINSON in History

Gillian SAVAGE in Science

Sarah Louise SHIELDS in English

David SIMPSON in Technology and Design

Louise SIMPSON in Computing and Information Technology

Rachel SMYTH in History

Lynsey SPENCE in Business Studies

Emma Mary STEWART in History

Julie STEWART in Religious Studies

Kathryn Naomi STRANGE in Art and Design

Lauren Roberta TAIT in Religious Studies

Ashlea TANNAHILL in Physical Education

Caroline Mary THOMPSON in Geography

Leanne THOMPSON in Computing and Information Technology

Sarah Margaret THOMPSON in Art and Design

Jayne WARNOCK in Physical Education

Gail Victoria WATSON in Geography

Clare Victoria WILSON in History (in absentia)

Norma WILSON in Business Studies

Andrea Hazel WINDRUM in Business Studies

Lynne WINSTONE in English

Second Class Honours, Second Division

Lois Fiona BELL in Computing and Information Technology

Andrea Alexandra BURRELL in Business Studies

Claire Irene COULTER in Physical Education

Joy Elizabeth FRAZER in Art and Design

Steven Andrew FRAZER in Business Studies

Lisa FUNSTON in Physical Education

Wayne Robert GREENAWAY in Business Studies

Jill Sophia GUINEY in History

Kathryn Ann HENNING in Art and Design

Jennifer JOHNSTON in Business Studies

Matthew Alan James LANDER in Religious Studies

Kelly Louise McCAMLEY in Religious Studies (in absentia)

Cheryl Carolyn McCAULEY in Business Studies

Lynsey Anne McCORMICK in Dramatic Art with English

James McGIMPSEY in Computing and Information Technology

Jaime Maria McWHIRTER in Art and Design

Jonathan Brian MONTGOMERY in Music

Ruth Elizabeth SEDGEWICK in Music

Helen Joanne SURGENOR in Geography

Barry Jon WILSON in Physical Education

Judith Isobel WOODS in Art and Design

Third Class Honours

David William James ROSS in Computing and Information Technology

Bachelor of Science Health and Leisure Studies First Class Honours


Second Class Honours, First Division


Evelyn Audrey BEATTY

Tammy Lorraine BROWN

Jennifer CHAPMAN


Michael Curtis LOWRY

Pauline MASON

Caroline McAULEY


Patricia McKIBBIN


Malachy NIXON

Phillip George O'BRIEN (in absentia)

Gerard O'HAGAN


Frances Colette RAFFERTY


Jennifer Ruth WINNING

Second Class Honours, Second Division




Philip HOWE

Martyn Christopher MAGEE

Aaron Samuel Charles MAXWELL

Anthony Joseph McGONAGLE

Jonathan PARKES

Stephen SIMMS

Sharon Lynsey SMITH

Philomena Bernadette STEELE


Amanda Claire WILLIAMSON


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