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She's Sinead: Airport renaming will help

Sinead McCavana

THE renaming of Belfast City Airport last week was an opportunity to finally end the confusion between Northern Ireland's two major airports.

THE renaming of Belfast City Airport last week was an opportunity to finally end the confusion between Northern Ireland's two major airports.

I, like many hundreds of other people, have found myself driving up the M2 only to discover that I should be going to the City Airport to pick someone up.

Thankfully, I have never actually arrived for a flight at Belfast International and discovered my flight was leaving from Belfast City, but I know quite a few people who have.

Tourists are always very miffed to find, when they land at Belfast International Airport, that they are actually 20 miles from the city - a £30 taxi journey.

Why couldn't the City Airport have been renamed George Best Airport - life would have been so much simpler. Now, to add even more confusion, we have Belfast International Airport and George Best Belfast City Airport.

Imagine the conversation with your long lost relative who's flying home.

"Where are you flying into?"


"Which one?"

"Oh, I'm not sure."

"Is it George Best airport?"

"What? Is there a new one called George Best now?"

"Well, yes and no, it's still the city airport but it's called George Best Belfast City Airport.

"Is it the airport in Antrim?"

"Oh, I'm not sure." "Well, which airline are you flying and I'll try to find out from there."

Yes, it's all as clear as mud now.

And while we're on the subject of airports, I was delighted to see that new lower car parking charges are being introduced at the International.

Dutch company Q-Park is offering customers £3 per day in their long stay car park, if they book in advance.

There's nothing worse than getting off the plane after your holidays, having spent all your cash on cocktails, and then forking out at least another £50 on the car park.

A friend recently parked at the airport's main car park from Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening and was charged £32!

EX-Spice girl Geri Halliwell said this week she named her daughter Bluebell Madonna because the singer and the Virgin Mary were the only people she knew with the name.

Obviously Geri has been living within her celebrity bubble for a little too long.

There are dozens of little Madonnas running about, now aged approximately 18.

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss has found herself a lovely new boyfriend - and excellent father figure for her little daughter - in the form of Big Brother's Russell Brand.

The self-confessed former drug addict was spotted leaving the model's London home last week.

About a week ago she reportedly had a huge bust-up with on/off junkie lover Pete Doherty after he squirted a blood-filled syringe at an MTV camera crew.

Why doesn't Ms Moss just hang out at rehab centres to pick up her latest beau? Oh, that's right, she does.

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