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All the best: DJ Kathryn Wilson on her favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

Kathryn Wilson (25), who lives in Belfast, is a radio DJ and hosts an all-night music show on Cool FM, between 1am and 6am on Saturday mornings.

My best moment

That was Christmas Day 2012. I was called in to cover a radio show because the original DJ was sick. I was the absolute last resort, but it got me into the seat at Cool FM and I've been there ever since.

My best song

It's definitely Another Chance by Roger Sanchez. It's the one where a girl carries round a massive heart that over time gets smaller and smaller. I like the video because I feel like I have a big heart and I like to give it away.

My best way to relax

I go to Crossfit three times a week. It's a strength and conditioning programme that combines weightlifting with cardio. It's the one thing that gets me away from my phone. It completely clears your head because you can only think about what you're doing, while you're doing it. If I did something like yoga, I would spend the whole time thinking about other things.

My best job

I once had a summer job painting faces and making balloon models – I got it through an advert I answered on Bebo. I wasn't very good at the balloon modelling, but I enjoyed the face-painting part. I got to do it at places such as the zoo and funfairs, and it never felt like a job.

My best advice

It came from my dad – he said do what makes you happy. It's very simple advice, but very good advice.

My best gift

My dad taught me how to drive when I was 20. It wasn't something that came to me naturally and I won't say how long it took me to pass my test, but I can't imagine being able to do the job I do now without it.

My best buy

My Mac Book Pro. I keep all my music on it and at the moment I've got about 8,000 songs. I'm trying to delete some so I only have really good music, but it's hard to let go. I'm a music hoarder.

My best achievement

My relationship with my school friends. There were five of us and we've all kept in touch, even though everyone's gone off to do very different things.

My best movie

Limitless with Bradley Cooper. He plays a guy who finds a drug that lets him use all of his brain and learn things really fast. It makes you think about whether you would take that drug or not.

My best book

I don't read very often because I get too distracted, but I've just finished The Alchemist by Paul Coelho for the second time. I only read it because Will Smith said that it changed the way he thinks about things and it did the same for me.

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