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All The Best: Jason Smyth

We ask local personalities what are their most favourite things

By Kerry McKittrick

Jason Smyth (26) is a visually impaired athlete originally from Eglinton in Londonderry. He won double gold medals at the Beijing and London Paralympic Games, as well as the IPC World Championships in Lyon earlier this year. He lives with wife Elise in London

My best moment

I would say getting married. We got married on December 29 last year in the US as that's where Elise is from. The good thing about it for me is that no matter what good things I get to experience, I get to share them with someone I want to.

My best buy

When I was school I bought a pair of football boots. I loved football and no matter where I went I never found someone with the same pair of football boots as mine. They were blue Adidas Predators limited edition that I got online. They lasted me for years but I've never seen them since then.

My best way to relax.

Watching movies. If my wife is about we go to the cinema. If you've spent all day training and you're stiff and sore you just want to sit down and relax and watching movies is perfect for that. You don't have to move a muscle.

My best job

I've never done anything else, so my best job is being an athlete. When I was younger I loved football and I wanted to play it. I only got into athletics when I was 16 and still at school. I started doing quite well and once I left school I knew I wanted to keep training and improve.

My best advice

My parents have a real mentality of doing something and sticking at it whole-heartedly. That's what I've been able to translate into what I'm doing; to work hard and not let anything stop me.

My best gift

My life. To be able to be here and live and try to achieve and accomplish things.

My best achievement.

That would have to be winning the two golds in London. To be able to do it in Beijing was fantastic but then to go back and retain my titles was so much harder. The fact that it was so close to home, and the fantastic support I had, made it even more special.

My best book

I don't read books because I cannot see well enough.

My best movie

Gladiator. I love it and it's a really good movie. The main character was a somebody who went down to a nobody and came back up against the odds. There's something about watching him look up at the crowds in the stadium – I know what it feels like, but it's slightly different in this instance as his life was at stake.

My best song

The Liverpool football anthem, You'll Never Walk Alone. I'm a fan and they're going quite well at the minute. My uncle got me interested, so I've been into them forever.

Jason Smyth is a CLIC Sargent ambassador and will be supporting the charity during the 2014 Belfast City Marathon and throughout the course of the CLIC Sargent NI Homes from Home Appeal

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