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All the best: We chat to singer Malachi Cush

By Kerry McKittrick

The 33-year-old singer and former Fame Academy star lives in Donaghmore, Co Tyrone, with his wife Claire. He will be hosting Live From Ulster, which is new digital channel Irish TV's first live broadcast, from the Armagh City Hotel this Thursday.

My best moment

Other than getting married it would be anchoring the first live show of Irish TV in Westport in May – we're doing the first show in the north this week. It was quite nerve-wracking at first as it was my first time really flying solo but I was happy with how it turned out.

My best way to relax

Walking our dog, Mollie. Sometimes you just don't want to but you see the wee eyes looking up at you and just have to take her out. You always feel better at the end of it, though.

My best job

I used to be a gas fitter and I even collected up eggs. I've had so many blessed opportunities through the BBC and UTV but anchoring this new live show is the best yet. I'm striking out on my own which brings added pressure, but it's good pressure. I can now make it on my own.

My best advice

My dad has given me some very good advice. There was a time when I was not as busy as I would have liked to have been. My father told me I could sit and look out of the window or I could go out and get it as it wasn't going to come knocking at the door. That gave me a real kick to get out there.

My best gift

Mollie the dog – she's a Golden Labrador that my wife gave me for my 30th birthday.

My best song

It's a song by Bonnie Raitt which was later covered by George Michael called I Can't Make You Love Me. I discovered it when I was really young and it immediately captured those moments when you're struggling in the pursuit of love. It strikes me every time I hear it.

My best achievement

Claire and I built our own home together and we've been in it now for five years. We're always adding to it and doing bits and pieces in the garden and we strive to keep it looking well.

My best buy

That would be my wife's engagement ring. I didn't quite get down on one knee but I did push it across the table. She was so busy phoning her mum she forgot to say yes!

My best book

I do read a bit and my favourite book is Angels In My Hair by Lorna Byrne. I was sceptical when my sister first gave it to me but I ended up meeting Lorna and it is a fascinating read.

My best movie

I've always liked The Green Mile, starring Tom Hanks, but more recently I've enjoyed The Hangover. It does depend on what kind of mood I'm in, though.

  • Live from Ulster, featuring performances from Brian Kennedy, Voice UK winner Andrea Begley and Fermanagh country music star Lisa McHugh, airs this Thursday, from 8-10pm, on Sky TV channel 191, Freesat 400, or and

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