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Name game: Taffy Brodesser-Akner is known for interviewing celebrities

'I feel sorry for stars having to talk about themselves' 

Taffy Brodesser-Akner would like to take this opportunity to come out officially as Tom Hiddleston's "mystery brunette". In January 2017, paparazzi snaps of the American journalist with the British actor outside his north London home wound up in a UK tabloid. The article, headlined "Moving Swift-ly on?", referenced the duo's "cosy chat" and described Brodesser-Akner as "the brunette who couldn't quite believe her luck". They were right.

Helping hand: Dr Amanda Brown

'The thing I find most overpowering is how many of these poor women are victims of abuse... I want to try to be somebody who is on their side' 

She has treated some of the country's most dangerous criminals, from drug dealers to psychopaths. Indeed, Dr Amanda Brown has witnessed more horrific injuries than you'd see in an average slasher movie, from slit throats and boiling sugar water attacks (boiling water and sugar makes a solution like acid) to one prisoner who had put razor blades up his rectum.

Meghan (Yui Mok/PA)

As Meghan's due date looms, a royal expert sees differences and similarities with Diana 

Babies cheer up everyone, but for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the birth of her child, in April, will also enhance and empower her status within the British royal family. "Being a mother - her position with the family will be much strengthened," says Lady Colin Campbell, biographer of the British royals. "Although there's some concern among palace officials that she is already taking too much of a leadership role."

Jenny McCartney

Writer Jenny McCartney on growing up as daughter of ex-unionist leader Robert and how much Belfast has changed 

Jenny McCartney (47) is a freelance journalist who formerly worked on the Sunday Telegraph for 19 years. It was there that she met her husband Rajeev Syal, also a journalist, and they have two children, a boy aged 13 and a girl of 9. Jenny is the daughter of well-known Northern Ireland lawyer Robert McCartney QC, who at one time led the UK Unionist Party and was a member of the Assembly. Her first novel, Ghost Factory, will be published on March 21.


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