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The Warmth Of Your Heart Prevents Your Body From Rusting is one of those titles, like Dave Eggers' 'a heartbreaking work of staggering genius', that brings booksellers out in a cold sweat.

A typically French take on ageing by clinical psychologist Marie de Hennezel, it emphasises the importance of sex and relationships over diets and facelifts.

This is a comforting illusion, of course, which is why it has crossed La Manche and become a big seller over here.

It follows a growing trend for books to present an ageing population with the literary equivalent of Viagra or creams which claim to eradicate wrinkles.

Canny publishers know the chief consumers of books are women of a certain age, so why not throw in an anti-ageing tome along with three for twos?

Men's needs are more basic. A book on How To Keep Drinking Beer And Watching Football would probably suffice for us.

n 'New Irish Crimewave' may seem like the stuff of lurid headlines but not if it's in the context of the rise and rise of Irish crime writing.

Forget your gloomy Scandinavians, 'Emerald Noir' is apparently where it's at, led by writers such as Tana French and Stuart Neville.

Yet for all their gritty realism, there are some of us who would like something a little more cerebral, a Belfast Morse perhaps, bending over the body of a recently deceased academic in Queen's quad... 'Shafted in The Seamus Heaney Centre' does have a certain ring ...


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