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The vexed question of how to get recalcitrant pupils to read a book was given a twist recently by the revelation that an 'inspirational' teacher in a West Yorkshire School, the wonderfully nomenclatured Leonora Rustamova, had been suspended for writing her own book featuring pupils she had taught.

Not surprisingly, the take-up for the book entitled Stop! Don't Read This was high among her captive audience, but it proved to be too strong a dish for the School Board. Similarly, deputy head Katherine Birbalsingh ran into trouble when she used real examples from her London school in a speech at the Tory Pary Conference.

She has now detailed her experiences in book form, in the perhaps misleadingly titled To Miss With Love. In-school authorship now seems to be a coming trend. Would it have worked at my own school? Don't think the nuns would have been up for it.

• Royal wedding fever reaches ever higher levels of toxicity, like a Japanese nuclear plant. Not one to miss an opportunity to advance their cause, anarchists have promised to cause disruption in the belief that they are that close to international revolution by slightly annoying the middle classes through occupying Fortnum -amp; Masons. Among the literary delights to emerge thus far is a knit your own royal wedding book, with a spookily accurate woollen representation of the couple on the cover.


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