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James Joyce's Ulysses is known for many things, be it as the great modernist novel of the 20th century, or, more prosaically, classic fiction's great inaccessible mountain. But hey, pop kids, it may now be about to be a chart-bound sound. Demure, somewhat reclusive genius of pastoral pop Kate Bush has reworked her hit The Sensual World to include the actual text of Molly Bloom's closing monologue on her 'new', well, make that reworked, versions of old songs, album, Director's Cut. When Kate originally asked to use the text back in the Eighties, she was turned down, but wiser counsels have apparently prevailed. Joyce, of course, was no mean musician. Indeed, wife Nora asserted that it would have been her preferred career choice for him. I've no doubt that he would have thoroughly approved of the notion. He was a bit of a punk himself, anyway. On his first meeting with Yeats, the great poet lied about his age by one year. Too old, sighed Joyce. Beat that, Adele.

n Disney, having bought the rights to Agatha Christies Miss Marple, has decided to cast the defiantly not old at all Jennifer Garner in the main role. Some have been suitably outraged, citing Christie's description of the character as "rather like some of my grandmother's cronies''.

Disney, of course, cite this as a 're-imagination' of St Mary Mead's finest. Well, it worked for Stieg Larsson. But, in any face-off between the late Joan Hickson and the new kick-ass version, I know who I'd back.


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