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Booksellers hoping The Power will top The Secret

By John Spain

Booksellers are hoping to tap into 'The Power'.

The follow-up to the multi-million-selling positive-thinking book 'The Secret', by Irish-Australian writer Rhonda Byrne, was published yesterday and bookshops are expecting a huge demand.

Publishers Simon & Schuster expect sales to be on a par with -- if not bigger than -- 'The Secret', which has so far notched up 20 million copies in 46 languages.

"The knowledge contained in 'The Power' can and will change lives instantly," claims Judith Curr, an executive with Simon & Schuster in the US.

'The Secret' became an international bestselling book in 2006 and stayed in the bestsellers' list for more than two years.

The real secret is that the biggest winner is Byrne, who has gone from being a producer of reality-TV shows in Australia to a millionaire many times over.

She now lives in a Beverley Hills mansion, next door to Oprah Winfrey.

Lots of 'Secret' devotees were looking for 'The Power' in Eason's in Dublin yesterday and phoning branches of the book chain around the country to check if it had arrived.

Maria Dickenson, head of purchasing at Eason's, said: "'The Secret' was one of the biggest publishing phenomena of the last few years and Irish sales were particularly high in the worldwide context.

"There are huge expectations around the publication of this book and we've made it one of our books of the month. We're expecting that by the weekend we'll have a huge bestseller on our hands."

The new book promises that whoever you are, you are meant to have an amazing life! (It's big on exclamation marks.)

It promises to be "the handbook to the greatest power in the Universe -- The Power to have anything you want!"

According to Irish Independent columnist and psychotherapist Medb Ruane, 'The Power' is a development of the theory that was in 'The Secret'.

"The core idea in 'The Power' is that the universe operates laws of attraction that you can learn to work -- visualise what you want and it will be yours," she says.

Ruane says the book plays on the superstitious notions that most people have and that go back centuries. She thinks it is nonsense -- but that is unlikely to affect demand.

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