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Cows that don't have to follow the herd


Whilst feminism is widely celebrated, in the age of social media, there is still overwhelming pressure on women to be perfect.

So the first novel for adults from columnist and documentary-maker Dawn O'Porter is definitely much needed.

The Cows is about three women; Tara, Stella and Cam. Through chance and the power of the internet, their stories meet and intertwine. Stella has lost both her mother and twin sister to cancer and has been told she may be unable to have children. Cam is a lifestyle blogger who promotes independence and childlessness, while Tara is a mother who becomes an online viral sensation when she is filmed masturbating on a train when she thought she was alone.

It is a true testament to O'Porter's writing prowess that she is able to tackle these controversial subjects and turn them into symbols of empowerment.

You'll only wish there was more of it to devour. A truly funny, important and fearless novel. Don't follow the herd.

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