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Guinness World Records 2011: amazing animals from blackberry-sized dog to limousine snake

The 2011 Guinness World Records book, published today promises to show off mother nature in all her glory, with hundreds of new and astounding animal records joining a host of other exciting record breakers from around the world.

This year’s pole position goes to Swallow, a Dexter cow from Yorkshire, who at just 33.5 inches from rear foot to hind is smaller than the average sheep and takes the new title of World’s Smallest Cow. The 11-year-old, who is currently pregnant, has produced 9 calves, all of whom tower over their miniature Mum.

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Hot on Swallow’s tiny heels are Puggy, the Dog with the Longest Tongue (4.5inches); Darius the Longest Rabbit (4ft 3 inches); Fluffy the Longest Snake in Captivity (24ft python); the World’s Oldest Gorilla (‘Colo’, 53) and Anastasia, the Californian Jack Russell, who can pop 100 Balloons in the Fastest Time (44.9 seconds).

Meeting for the first time this week in New York are the world’s Tallest and Shortest dogs (Giant George, 43 inches and Boo Boo, 4 inches respectively).

But the animal kingdom wasn’t the only aspect of our weird and wonderful planet to take pride of place in this year’s 55th edition. British records include; the winner of the Most Gurning Championships (11); the Largest Collection of Smurf Memorabilia (1,061 pieces); the Oldest Salsa Dancer (75 years).

Super-talented record holders are plentiful from other parts of the world too with new entries including; Longest Duration Full Body Burn – without oxygen in the USA (2 min 57 sec); Longest Beard (living male) from India (2.37 metres); Longest Nose on a Human Being (8.89cm) from Turkey and Largest Balloon Sculpture (490 cm -192 in) among others.

UK's regional record holders in this year’s edition include:

Northern Ireland

Antrim teacher Annalisa Flanagan achieved the loudest shout with an exclamation measuring 121.7 dBA at the Citybus Challenge in Belfast on 16 April 1994. Ironically, Annalisa shouted the word “quiet”.

North West England

Fastest crossing of Loch Ness by single canoe/kayak (Fort Augustus to Dores), Preston, Lancashire

Largest English breakfast commercially available, Manchester

Most dance spins in a minute by a couple, Manchester

Gurning World Champions – most wins, Cumbria

North East

Oldest man to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Co Durham

Heaviest Leek, Co Durham

Most sweetcorn kernels eaten in 3 minutes using a cocktail stick, Sunderland

Yorkshire / Humber

Smallest Cow, Rishworth

Furthest basketball slam dunk – trampoline, Sheffield

Most Oysters eaten in a minute, Sheffield


Most push ups with claps in one minute, Birmingham

Longest tongue, Coventry

Most breakdance windmills in 30 seconds, Coventry

Most rope skips in one minute, Studley

Longest rabbit, Worcester

Youngest person to row the Indian Ocean, Oakham

Largest collection of Smurf memorabilia, Nottingham

Strechiest skin, Holton le Moor


Fastest time to carve a turkey, Chelmsford

Most martial arts kicks in one minute (one leg) (female), Canvey Island

Loudest Burp, Waltham Abbey

Loudest bark, by a dog, Clacton on Sea

Fastest hot water bottle burst, Sprowston

Youngest person to circumnavigate by sailing solo, unsupported, non-stop, Potters Bar

Longest time controlling a football on the back, Milton Keynes

Smallest roadworthy car, Wingrave, Bucks

Heaviest weight lifted by tongue, Stoke Poges


Most hop the fence yo-yo tricks in one minute, Southampton

Furthest backflip off a wall, Basingstoke

Longest distance ran full-body burn (without oxygen), Portsmouth

Longest duration human scale, Basingstoke

Largest collection of trolls, Wallington

South West

Longest journey kite surfing (female), Newquay

Most jumps (switches) 180° on a bicycle in one minute, Exeter

South East

Shortest stuntman, Hounslow

Longest marathon playing korfball, Rochester

Fastest time to fly a helicopter around the world eastbound, Worthing


Land speed (fastest car), Whitehall

Oldest magic shop, Plaistow

Longest duration balancing a lawnmower on a chin. London

Fastest violin player, London

Longest bubble chain, London

Most valuable suit, London

Most head spins in one minute (female), London


Most After Eight thin mints eaten in one minute - without hand, Dunfermline

Oldest person to complete a marathon (female), Dundee


Most bottles recycled by a dog, Pontnewydd, Torfaen

Guinness World Records 2011 is published today, priced at £20.00

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