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Titanic author set for Belfast talk

Author Michael McCaughan is in Belfast tomorrow night for a discussion on the Titanic.

Following the publication of his book, Titanic: Icon of an Age – an Illustrated Chronicle from Design to Disaster (Blackstaff Press), Mr McCaughan sits down with his daughter Belfast Telegraph columnist Fionola Meredith to talk about his enduring fascination with the great liner.

The informal conversation, illustrated by striking images from the book, will touch on all aspects of the Titanic story, from her proud Belfast origins to her lasting significance today.

Mr McCaughan, a former curator at the Ulster Folk and Transport Musuem, believes that Titanic is a carrier of all kinds of messages and meanings, from the sublime to the tacky.

He said: "The cataclysmic sinking of Titanic is a symbol for the inevitable failure of flaunted technology, the fragility of human ambition and the transience of life".

Titanic: a Lifelong Voyage taks place at Belfast Central Library at 6:30pm Thursday August 23

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