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Unsettling Scandi-crime thriller boasts a twist on every page

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There's something about Scandi-crime fiction that sets it apart from the norm and the second novel in Norwegian author Samuel Bjork's Munch and Kruger series exemplifies everything that is great about the genre.

Veteran detective Holger Munch is reunited with the singularly perceptive, but haunted, star investigator Mia Kruger for a disturbing case in which a teenage girl has been found dead in a bed of feathers in an elaborately posed crime scene.

Munch needs Kruger at the top of her game to solve this case, but the investigator is on leave and has her own demons to contend with and nothing seems to quite add up.

Told in short, compelling chapters that alternate between several perspectives, Bjork creates a unique, twisting and unsettling thriller that really epitomises the oft-used phrase "page-turner".

And at the heart of it are two police officers whose own emotional battles are as enticing as the crime they are investigating.

Told through interweaving storylines, The Owl Always Hunts at Night follows Mia and Munch as they try to immerse themselves in the mind of a killer, and catch him before he can strike again.

This is the thrilling follow-up to Samuel Bjork's internationally bestselling I'm Traveling Alone.

Read as a standalone novel, or as part of the series, the book works equally well.

In fact, there is very little to fault in this Nordic crime thriller par excellence.

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