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Earth: One Amazing Day - Familiar wonders of nature


By Damon Smith

It's entirely fitting that Richard Dale, Peter Webber and Fan Lixin's nature documentary should be a visually sumptuous exercise in recycling.

The six hour-long episodes of the BBC series Planet Earth II, which was broadcast in winter 2016, have been re-edited with previously unseen footage.

The soothing narration of Sir David Attenborough has been replaced by the silky tones of Robert Redford, working from a script penned by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Goodbye Christopher Robin) which is heavy on the hyperbole.

It's a ravishing spectacle but some sequences will be familiar to viewers of the TV show, most notably dramatic footage from the Galapagos Islands of a young marine iguana attempting to outrun dozens of deadly racer snakes.

Earth: One Amazing Day choreographs each vignette within a single 24-hour period, from sunrise to sunset.

The third rock from the sun is truly a place of wonder.

Three stars

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