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5 ways to feel better naked

If the thought of wearing a swim suit on a beach fills you with dread and you undress under the bedcovers, then it might be time to admit you’ve got some body confidence issues. Here are five ways you can end the embarrassment and feel better naked.

Body confidence tip 1: Get active

Feeling good about being naked doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight or bulking up; it can be about the way you perceive your body. Taking up a new activity, like dancing, spinning or weight lifting can do just that. By using your body to move more gracefully or cycle faster you should begin to relate to it on a physical level, opposed to a purely aesthetical one. You will be able to see the perks of your long arms or your bulky ankles and hopefully break some of the negative associations you currently have. If you try to see your body as a tool, rather than a symbol of attractiveness, your perception and judgement should alter and your confidence will soar.

Body confidence tip 2: Stop comparing

Yes, your friend may have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger or a stomach like Jennifer Aniston, but you are not your friend and this is not a competition. If you’re one of life’s “comparers” take a deep breath and try to suss out why you’re thinking this way. Have you had a rough time recently? If you have, then chances are you’re feeling shaky and when that happens it’s easy to think everyone else is perfect; but they’re not. You should try to remember this when you next get body envy and work on solutions to overcome this shaky patch. Address any issues you may have head on and use any resources available to tackle your predicament. Fingers crossed, with some determination, creativity and bravery you can beat your blues and feel body confident again.

Body confidence tip 3: Buy clothes that fit

If you want to feel confident when you’re naked you need to feel confident when you’re dressed too. Although it’s tempting to wear your favourite shirt that you’ve had for five years, check whether it still fits. Wearing ill-fitting clothes, whether they’re too tight or too baggy, is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to body issues. If something doesn’t fit, it can be uncomfortable and make you look far worse that you do in reality. The best way to sort out your wardrobe is to have a clear out. Work out what your measurements are first then root through your clothes and chuck anything that no longer fits. When shopping for new clothes, if you can try to get measured by a professional; especially for those bras, ladies.

Body confidence tip 4: Jump on a horse

Okay, if you’re terrified of horses or have as much balance as a hyperactive toddler at a birthday bash, then it might not be a wise idea to jump on a horse. However, to feel great naked you have to be proud of who you are. You should not be basing your self-worth on how you look, but by what you can achieve and who you are as a person. To work on your sense of worth take on a new challenege, start a project or do some volunteering. Learning something new or giving something that you fear a go will also help you stop judging yourself on the way you look on the outside.  The truth is if you’re feeling good about other areas of your life, then you will feel proud of every part of you, even the bits that jiggle and wiggle.

Body confidence tip 5: Avoid the bloaters

If you know that you are going to be getting naked, then there are some foods you should definitely avoid in the run-up to unveiling yourself. As tasty as they are, avoid things like chocolate, cakes or cookies. All of these foods have a lot of unrefined sugar, which means trouble for your tummy. Also, although it may sound odd, try to avoid fruit for a little while too, as fruit has high levels of fructose and may also balloon your stomach. Swap these foods for fresh vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates like brown rice or quinoa. A tasty, bloat-free dish could be salmon, with asparagus and rice in a tomato and basil sauce. Or why not make a fabulous vegetable chilli. If you try to eat meals like this, you’ll avoid looking bloated.


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