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50 Cent: 'Exercise stops me from hurting'

50 Cent likes to switch his exercise regime up when he becomes too comfortable.

50 Cent exercises five days a week to stop his body from “hurting”.

The rapper-and-actor is known for his muscular appearance, though he insists working out means more to him than maintaining his physique.

“Usually (my trainer Jay Cardiello and I) train for about an hour and a half, five days a week. I don’t feel good if I don’t train,” he explained to Muscle & Fitness magazine. “I think when a guy stops training, things start hurting. When I’m training I don’t feel the tightness or lower-back pain from sitting in a chair or from flying long (distances). I think those things would show up and be an issue if I didn’t work out as often.”

He notes his right hip is “real tight” after suffering various gunshot wounds back in 2000, so he puts a lot of focus on stretching it. The musician, real name Curtis Jackson, has a pin in his right leg which makes it slightly shorter than the left and admits his balance is slightly off when he runs on a treadmill.

When it comes to his exercise regime, Jackson isn't interested in sticking to the same methods every day, preferring mixing things up with different ways of working up a sweat.

“I might go play basketball or run. When you get to the point when (fitness) becomes a part of your lifestyle and it’s about your health, you try different platforms,” the 41-year-old said. “You get comfortable, and then you switch it up.”

One form of fitness which many may be surprised to hear Jackson is a fan of is hot yoga. After quickly “falling into it” the In Da Club hitmaker now thoroughly enjoys the unique experience, which involves performing traditional moves in hot and humid conditions.

“You’d see (the amount of sweat) and ask, ‘What the f**k’s going on?’” he mused.

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