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9 top tips for your anti-ageing skincare and make-up routine

Paddy McGurgan is one of NI's best-known beauty experts and each week he tells you everything you need to know about the latest make-up techniques

By Paddy McGurgan

When should a woman begin her anti-ageing make-up and skincare routine? My honest answer is ... now!

Prevention is always better than cure and incorporating a few anti-ageing products into your skincare and make-up routine will ensure that your skin remains youthful and flawless for longer. Here are a few of my favourite secret anti-ageing weapons.

First up, one of the most important elements that will aid your anti-ageing adventure is skincare.

There is no hero product that will do everything for everyone: skincare is very personal and should always be tailored to your needs, for example, your skin type, how dull or dehydrated your skin is, whether you have excess oils in your skin, and if you are conscious of fine lines.

It is so important when you are investing in your skincare that you ensure your own needs are met.

Clean and fresh

I am going to recommend a cleanser based on my general experience with mature ladies, with whom the main issues tend to be dryness and fine lines. For your cleanser, try Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser, £32 at Space NK. It is a luxurious, deep-cleansing product that lifts even the most difficult worn-on make-up with ease, leaving skin feeling purified, revitalised and refreshed.

Feed your skin

For moisturiser, I adore using Embryolisse Lait Creme, £20 at Make-up Pro Store. This creamy lotion is a six-in-one multi-tasker, incorporating primer, moisturiser, make-up remover, repairing mask, after-shave cream and a baby-care product. This has been favoured by dermatologists for decades and provides the skin with nutrients and water for its balance.

Ban those dark circles

For mature skin, or anyone conscious of fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles, it can often be hard to counteract any discolouration in the skin, especially under the eye as some concealers can be very heavy in areas and highlight fine lines. For this I highly recommend using a lightweight liquid concealer.

Try Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector, £23.50 at Boots. This is an ultra sheer concealer that works to cancel out colour noise around the delicate eye area.

It neutralises dark circles, smooths uneven skin and reduces fine lines to create a flawless complexion.

Bright eyes

As we age, our eyes tends to sag and appear smaller, so we need to find ways to brighten and lighten them. Darkness always makes the eyes appear smaller, so if you are glam girl and love full eye make-up, why not try a concealer pencil in your waterline as opposed to a black kohl?

A concealer pencil simply corrects any natural redness found in the waterline, and will make the eye appear brighten and bigger for any daytime look.

Try NYX Professional Make-up Wonder Pencil, £4.50 at Boots.

5 top tips for anti-ageing make-up

  1. Invest in a tinted moisturiser. This will not only hydrate and add moisture to the skin, but will also add coverage for a daytime bright sheer look.
  2. Avoid pressed powders as these can often crease into fine lines. Opt for a lightweight loose powder. This is patted onto the skin and then buffed in circular motions. It will create a flawless effect on the skin.
  3. To give your eye make-up an added lift, invest in a pair of eyelash curlers. These give a gentle full lash effect without using large amounts of mascara.
  4. Choose a matte bronzer for giving your face a sculpted effect. This will sit smoothly on the skin and not highlight any areas of concern.
  5. For your lips, choose a gloss finish. This will make the lips appear hydrated and luscious. Who doesn’t need this in cold weather?

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