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Abbey Clancy: I love to dress up but as a mum I have to adapt and be practical

As mum-of-three Abbey Clancy launches a fashion range with Lispy, she tells Katie Wright about shopping trips with her children and the inspirations behind her new collection

Coatigan, £55, cami top, £18, faux leather trouser, £40, diamante point ankle boot, £79
Coatigan, £55, cami top, £18, faux leather trouser, £40, diamante point ankle boot, £79
Camel fur collar coat, £105
Feather Bardot dress, £70
Jumper, £35, sequin midi skirt, £38, knit eyelet boot, £75
Satin tux jacket, £60, satin tux trouser, £38
Berry faux fur coat, £90, sequin halterneck maxi dress, £98
Glitter maxi dress, £70
Satin frill blouse, £38, faux leather trouser, £40

As a model, Abbey Clancy is used to early starts for fashion shoots. But, as a mum, she knows that nine-month-old son Johnny doesn't care if her alarm clock is set - like it was today for a TV appearance.

"I was up all night with the baby, which is typical," she says with a laugh when we meet to chat about her new design collaboration with high street retailer Lipsy.

"It's always when you've got to be up early, the baby is always doing something to keep you awake."

Nothing can dampen the Liverpool-born beauty's spirits today, though. Because, with TV duties out of the way, she's finally unveiling the 41-piece collection after months beavering away behind the scenes.

"It's been a great day. Going to the store and seeing my collection actually in the window, it just blew my mind," says Abbey, who is married to former England footballer Peter Crouch.

"We've all worked so hard on it, so it was a really proud moment seeing it all come together."

So what's the collection like? Here, the 32-year-old tells us about the key pieces, her personal style evolution and whether she wants to follow in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham as a big name designer...

What are your favourite pieces from your Lipsy collection?

"I love the black tux suit, a tailored suit is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. I love the faux fur black coat as it's coming up to winter, you can throw it on over a pair of jeans and trainers or boots and you can put it over one of the little sparkly mini dresses for a night-time party look. My favourite dress is probably the gold sequin midi, it feels fantastic on, it's really good quality and it holds you in in all the right places."

Who are your favourite designers for the red carpet?

Abbey with her husband Peter Crouch
Abbey with her husband Peter Crouch

"My absolute go-tos would be Giles Deacon or Julien Macdonald. I think Julien is a master at creating these unbelievable gowns. You always feel fantastic when you put one of his gowns on, the detail and the craftsmanship that goes into them is mind-blowing.

What is the best piece of fashion advice you have been given?

"Don't invest in trends, invest in classic pieces, like a good leather jacket or a good blazer. I think trends change so quickly, I don't think you should necessarily follow trends, you should wear what you feel good in, what makes you feel confident."

Having designed your own collection, could you see yourself having your own fashion brand like Victoria Beckham?

"I kind of feel fulfilled doing this. Collaborating with such a top brand is really important to me and I think it'd be too much pressure to do it on my own.

"Hats off to Victoria Beckham, she's done an incredible job and she's seen as one of the big players in the fashion industry, but I think I'm just a bit too busy at the moment."

Do you prefer online shopping or browsing in stores?

"I like browsing when I've got no kids with me. Liberty likes to run and hide in between the clothes, the others are moaning at me, 'Can we go to the kids' section', Johnny's trying to climb out of his pram. It's kind of stressful going shopping with the kids. It's something I like to do with my girlfriends or with my mum in a kid-free environment."

Glamming up or dressing down?

"It depends. I love to dress up. I'm from Liverpool, it's in our blood to dress up, but now, having the kids and living in the country, I have to be practical.

"Doing the school run and going out for big walks in the countryside, which I love, and taking the kids to the park, I have to adapt my style - some of my Lipsy dresses would not be suitable for the park!"

Vintage or modern?

"Vintage. I've got loads of vintage clothes that I've collected over the years and I have also now started to keep all of my designer pieces or my one-off pieces for Sophia.

"I used to give all my clothes away to my friends or my sister and now I look at Sophia and she's grown so fast - she's only seven.

So I keep all my stuff for her, so she should be out of the Adidas phase by then and want to wear some of it."

All items are available at and in all Lipsy stores

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