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Alexa Chung questions why Longchamp keep working with her

Alexa Chung was once advised by an acupuncturist to handle stressful situations by emulating Brigitte Bardot.

Alexa Chung worried Longchamp wanted a "Christy Turlington type" on a recent shoot for the leather goods company.

The British fashionista, who's worked as a model and TV presenter in the past, has been fronting Longchamp's campaigns since 2013. Despite the relationship being a successful one, Alexa sometimes wonders if she’s the right woman for the job.

"I don’t know why they continue to use me, but it’s been nice to have worked alongside a brand for that amount of time," she told ES Magazine.

"(On a recent shoot), suddenly I was like: 'I bet they’re wishing they had a sort of Christy Turlington type.' The type of vibe that it was, I felt ill-equipped to pull off. I was doing an impression of a '90s supermodel to try to get in the zone. I had to do it in character; pretend to be really sexy for once. In order to pull it off, I had to look like I was seducing the camera."

She went on to apologise for trying to be confident, which she laughs was "so English".

While being sexy doesn’t come naturally for the 33-year-old, she has been told to up her sexiness in the past. Once an acupuncturist in New York even advised Alexa, who was feeling stressed with work at the time, to ask "what would Brigitte Bardot do."

"I said: 'I don’t know what Brigitte Bardot would do. Probably talk about animals for a bit?' And the acupuncturist said: 'She would be sexy and juicy and slow, and she would get other people to do s**t for her. She wouldn’t be the one busying around. You don't have to act like a man. Be more of a woman. Wear a dress all week and be juicy,'" she recalled.

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