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Alexa Chung utilised old school Chanel in her first Ugg shoot

Ugg artistic director Alexa Chung doesn't think the comfortable boots have lost any of their style credentials.

Alexa Chung felt like she was just "hanging out" with the models on her first shoot as art director for Ugg.

The British star was recently announced as the artistic director for US footwear brand famed for its comfy sheepskin boots, and wasted no time recruiting some of fashion’s most exciting names for her first photoshoot.

“It was really nice because we were all just hanging out and taking pictures,” she beamed to “Anna (Z Gray) is amazing, very beautiful, so she did more of a glamorous scenario. Coco (Baudelle), who I know from being out and about and who lives on the other side of my building, looks like Bianca Jagger but also a bit like Jackie O., so we put her in a Chanel twinset. I quite like that juxtaposition of something that’s so iconic but in a different context being put next to that old-school ’60s Chanel suit and then having that dichotomy.”

Alexa, 32, has been a fan of Ugg boots since buying her first pair more than 12 years ago during a trip to Melbourne, Australia. She’d wear them during castings, teamed with a frayed denim skirt and one of her ex-boyfriend’s vintage T-shirts.

“I guess my style hasn’t evolved that much because I would actually wear that again,” she smiled.

Ugg boots ruled the fashion scene in the early noughties, but Alexa thinks the time is right for the comfy footwear to make its style comeback.

“I think we’re kind of living in a throwback Thursday all of the time,” she explained. “It’s just like how in the ’80s, the ’40s and ’50s came back, and recently, it’s been the ’90s. I think we’re ready for the noughties to resurface—it’s what we call (the aughts) in the U.K.”

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