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Ali Larter pushes herself to workout

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter star Ali Larter prefers running and hot yoga over going to the gym.

Ali Larter works out harder when she doesn't feel like exercising.

The 40-year-old actress had to transform her body for her role in new movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, in which she reprises her role of leader Claire Redfield. Toning up was even more of a task as she’d only recently welcomed her second child when shooting began.

"I think the difference is that I work out when I don't want to," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I push myself.

"I cook a lot and I eat, so I'm not someone who deprives herself. But it's also from my work. When I started this movie, Vivienne was six months old. I had gained 50 pounds (during pregnancy), and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, you need to get to work, girl!'"

Nowadays the Heroes star exercises up to five times a week, though she admits it's a struggle to force herself to do the extra couple of days. While she's a big fan of breaking a sweat, not all exercise appeals to her.

"I love to do hot yoga. I enjoy running, but I'm not someone who can just go to the gym," she noted.

Resident Evil's main star, Milla Jovovich, has also spoken at length about how she prepared to return to the action-packed franchise. She too had welcomed a baby, daughter Dashiel, just before production began and found it hard to get into shape while balancing mummy duties like nursing.

"I look at pictures of myself and from right before I got here I was 35 pounds heavier and when I got here I went into complete overdrive and had to kind of be careful with the dieting and the super exercising because I wanted to nurse my daughter for as long as possible and exercise and nursing don't go well together so I couldn't go full on but at the same time," she told during filming.

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