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Alice Eve: ‘I struggled with my eating habits’

Alice Eve used to deprive herself of bread out of a need to eat healthily.

English actress Alice Eve didn’t realise how unhealthy her relationship with food was until she spent a week pigging out with her family.

The star boasts a slender physique, often showing off her frame in chic red carpet outfits. In Alice’s episode of Black Mirror on Netflix, titled Nosedive, her character Naomie takes a trip down memory lane when her old friend Lacie (Bryce Dallas Howard) recalls suffering from an eating disorder, and the hard-hitting tale made Alice reassess her own eating habits.

“I thought that I had a really healthy relationship with food, and I went home to my parents' house for a week because I cut my foot, and was recovering. I just ate loads, ate family meals, went along with group activities,” the 34-year-old told “And I realised how unhealthy my relationship actually is with food. Where I'm like, ‘No, I won't have that piece of bread, I'll have the veg.’ There's a different approach mentally that you have when you're in a safe space.”

In one brutal scene Naomie tells Lacie she’s going to send her a U.S. size four (U.K. size eight) dress to wear to her wedding, despite Lacie clearly being too big for it. The Help star Bryce was so committed to making her part believable that she put on weight for it, gaining a total of 30 pounds.

“Naomie says, ‘I'll send you a size four,’ and obviously Lacie doesn't fit into it,” Bryce sighed. “At the end, she couldn't even zip the dress fully up...

“In the culture we live in, there's this pervasive, shared agreement that there's a certain body type to admire, and it isn't actually based on anything real or substantive. It's a truly superficial thing, and there's a cost to that.”

The episode’s main focus is how social ranking plays a vital part in how people are viewed, with the futuristic story featuring mobile phones to rate people out of 5 stars.

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