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Alicia Keys: ‘Beauty isn’t a maths equation’

Alicia Keys lists Patti Smith, Bianca Jagger and Nina Simone among her style icons.

Alicia Keys wants young women to understand that there is no “formula” when it comes to beauty.

The A Woman’s Worth singer announced her plan to go bare-faced in a Lenny Letter published last May (16), and has since wowed in photoshoots and red carpet appearances with a flawless natural look.

But Alicia understands that what works well for her may not be the same for other women.

“All girls don’t have to look the same, and beauty is not a math equation,” she told Allure magazine. “And always, always do what feels good for you! Don’t let anyone define beauty for you. It’s you choice.”

The mother-of-two explains that she sees make-up as offering up a means of self-expression. And she would never want anyone to feel ashamed for the way they choose to wear cosmetics or clothes, as she is a firm believer in the idea that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

“Beauty is from the inside out. My mother always said, ‘Beauty is as beauty does.’ I never understood that then, but I do now,” smiled Alicia.

The brunette beauty cites a number of successful women, including Patti Smith, Bianca Jagger, Nina Simone, Betty Davis and Sade, as her style icons. She also explains that she typically opts for a very minimal skin routine, which is comprised of simple and natural products.

“(As well as) drinking as much water as I can, (I use) simple cleanser (I like Eucerin products), toner spray, Epicuren Discovery Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream, blemish cream (as needed), undereye cream, occasional face masks,” she listed, adding that if she does wear lipstick it will be bright red, pink or even orange.

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