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Alicia Keys’ serum secret

Alicia Keys’ make-up artist Dotti has cited the singer’s love of “acupuncture, exercise and healthy eating” for her flawless, natural complexion.

Alicia Keys uses a self-tanning serum to help her skin glow without relying on make-up.

The 35-year-old singer has been hitting headlines thanks to her campaign encouraging women to ditch the cosmetics and embrace their natural appearance.

She has even forgone make-up while walking the red carpet at star-studded events such as the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, and now Alicia’s make-up artist Dotti has revealed how the mother-of-two retains such a gorgeous, natural complexion.

“Instead of foundation, we do a skin tint. There’s this Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum and it’s great when you love your skin but you want to add that hue of life to it,” Dotti told “It just makes the skin look more tan - it gives a tan, but in a very natural way. A very golden hue.

“When she does come to me for make-up, I always work on bringing the texture of her skin to the front. And also with her freckles! I just enhance what she brings to me.”

Skincare products and oils are another way Dotti ensures Alicia’s natural beauty shines through.

Among her favourites is MV Organic Skincare’s Instant Revival Booster, alongside the brand’s Rose Hydrating Mist.

“That alone makes her look really glowy and beautiful. Because when you strip back all of the make-up, you begin to realise how youthful you actually are,” Dotti continued. “Don’t get me wrong, there are times I love doing crazy, full-on make-up. But there is room for both.”

Alicia’s love of a healthy lifestyle is also one of the main ways she retains such a stunning, flawless appearance.

Dotti credits the singer’s dedication to “acupuncture, exercise and healthy eating” for keeping her skin clear, explaining: “That is a huge part of the condition of her skin—when you look after yourself on the interior, it automatically shines through on the exterior. I’m a huge believer of that and so is she.”

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