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Alison Brie beefed up for wrestling drama GLOW with four key exercises

The brunette beauty lifted her 220lb (100kg) trainer on her back to prepare for hardcore stunts.

Actress Alison Brie prepared her body to withstand slams in the wrestling ring by routinely performing four hardcore exercises.

To prepare for her role as Ruth Wilder in the new Netflix show about a real-life 1980s all-female wrestling group, the former Mad Men star trained under Jason Walsh, who had no qualms about pushing the pretty brunette to her limits during their exercise sessions.

"We had to make her resilient, and in making her resilient, I wanted to make sure that she was really strong," the trainer told "The type of stunt work that she was doing was, like, jumping off a rope (around the wrestling ring) and landing on her back. My game plan was ultimately to get her as strong as possible."

To help bring her strength to its highest peak, Jason had Alison perform four key exercises - deadlifts, farmer's walks, hip thrusts and sled pushes.

While deadlifting, Brie managed to lift barbell weight of 165lbs (75kg), which is far more than her bodyweight. The farmer's walks involved the 34-year-old squatting between dumbbells before lifting the weights up with a straight back and taking quick steps forward. At times, she would support the weight of 220lb (100kg) Jason on her back while she did her farmer's walk.

She faced similar extreme exercises while pushing forward heavy sleds after Jason focused on strengthening her glutes with hip thrusts.

"(Glutes) are really the most important muscle to me in the body," Jason shared. "The stronger we can get the glutes, it really transfers to everything that we do."

According to the physical trainer, the pair reached their goals because Brie was an absolute trooper throughout the rigorous regimen.

"She comes in with the best attitude, she works her a** off, and keeps a smile on her face," he gushed.

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