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All the Best: Dwayne-Andrew Kerr

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By Kerry McKittrick

The 21-year-old from Lurgan is the current Mr Northern Ireland and also studies creative computing at the University of Ulster. He will be representing Northern Ireland at the Mr World competition in Torbay this June

My best moment

When I was younger I was very into athletics – lots of people in my family were. I got a gold medal in the 100 metres when I was at prep school, which was such a good feeling. It was also my only gold – I got lots of silver medals after that because I kept getting beaten by the same person all the time.

My best way to relaxation

Listening to music, playing my guitar and singing. I play all the time because a lot of my friends are very musical and we get together to write and play.

My best job

I've had a few jobs but the best I've had so far was one of my modelling jobs, a fashion show at Victoria Square in Belfast. They're always really good fun, the clothes are great and we have great banter with the crew that works alongside us.

My best song

The one I could listen to over and over again would be One, by Bono and Mary J Blige. I heard it one day at college and love the lyrics and the melody so I've been listening to it ever since.

My best advice

My advice comes from my mum and my grandfather. Mum always says I should be true to myself and not change for anyone or anything. My grandfather still tells me that in order for me to succeed I need to be twice as good at what I'm doing as anyone else out there. I've been trying to keep that in my head for life in general and at university.

My best gift

My mum bought me a car for my 21st birthday last year. It wasn't a surprise but I thought I would have to put money towards it and mum paid for the whole thing. I've never felt freedom like it!

My best achievements

When I was 17 I played for Glenavon Football Club and we won two trophies that year – the Lisburn Invitational League Cup was one. We had a very good team that year and gelled really well.

My best buy

I buy myself a Christmas present every year and last time round I got myself a GoPro video camera. It's HD and Wifi-enabled and I take it everywhere. I capture images everywhere I go and create compilations that I've used for exhibitions.

My best film

The Shawshank Redemption is definitely up there but the film that has been my favourite since a kid and still is would be The Lion King. I haven't seen the musical on Broadway yet but that would be on my list.

My best book

I don't read very often but the last two books I read were the first two in the Hunger Games series. I don't like reading so the fact that I got through both on holiday says a lot. I'm looking forward to getting the time to read the third this summer. The movies are fantastic too.

The Mr World competition takes place on June 15 in Torbay, England. For details, visit

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