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Alyssa Milano shares her healthy sports snacks

Alyssa Milano has revealed how she treats herself while watching a sports game.

Alyssa Milano doesn’t ditch her healthy eating habits when watching sports.

The former Charmed actress is a big fan of athletic activities and it was this love that led her to create apparel line Touch in 2007. It was initially designed for female baseball fans before expanding to cater to the National Football League, Hockey League and The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

Dressing for the occasion isn’t the only thing that enhances watching a game for Alyssa, as food plays a big part too. But the screen star always makes sure the snacks she provides for husband David Bugliari and children Milo, five, and two-year-old Elizabella, are healthy ones.

"I think food is really an important part of sporting events in general," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Everyone thinks, ugh, sporting events, we have to eat bad things, right? Like chips and french fries and all that stuff. But I have learned that you can actually have delicious, healthy snacks.

"I live the Atkins lifestyle, so I do not do carbs or sugar or anything like that. So, (we eat) jerk chicken wings, buffalo cauliflower is delicious. You can have chips, but make sure they're vegetable chips, vegetables with spinach dip, cheese - everybody loves cheese! - and obviously not too many beers."

Alyssa, 43, has previously spoken about her decision to follow the Atkins diet after welcoming daughter Elizabella. Talking to the Los Angeles Times earlier this year (16) she admitted she was initially worried about having to eat a lot of red meat as a protein source, because she isn’t a fan of it.

“But I found out that you can eat lean meats like fish and chicken and turkey, which is what I was already eating,” she reasoned. “And then it was an easy fit. I can do this forever. This is just super easy, I don't have time to think about a meal plan. It's all there. And I like the fact that I can be part of a community.”

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