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Amber Rose: 'Kodak Black's comments about African-American women are sad'

The former stripper is dating rapper 21 Savage.

Amber Rose is slamming Kodak Black for comments he made about dating dark-skinned black women, insisting he needs to be educated on how he views women of colour.

The rapper has found himself in hot water after revealing he prefers to date African-American women with a lighter skin tone and then attempted to clarify his statements, saying he prefers women that are lighter than him because they are "more sensitive" and easier to break down.

However, his new comments have done nothing to help him and Rose is now adding her voice to those opposed to and offended by the rap star's remarks.

"This really makes me so sad," she writes on Instagram alongside a video of an interview with the rapper. "Being a 'yellowbone' mixed light-skinned woman I know unfortunately that Modeling jobs, boys and opportunities came to me easier but did not realize that until I got older.

"Growing up in Philly I went to an all black school. I was the 'white girl'. The one that the boys DIDN'T like, The girl that wasn't as cool as the brown skinned girls. Black was the thing to be...!"

Rose goes on to reveal she was bullied because of her skin tone, but she later learned that darker-skinned girls did not like her because they were made to feel insecure about their own skin colour.

"Society was telling these girls that they weren't as beautiful as me because of their complexion," she continues. "They were too strong and too outspoken..."

"We need to stick together as women and educate society, educate men like this with black mothers," she adds. "Not let men/people dictate what type of woman is in style or more beautiful. We are all smart and capable of being great! No matter where we come from or what complexion we are!"

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