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Amber Rose won’t apply lipstick herself

Amber Rose would be happy to leave the house with a bare face, as long as she has a slick of lipstick.

Amber Rose refuses to put her lipstick on herself.

The 33-year-old model and rapper has teamed up with long-time make-up artist Priscilla Ono to create MUVA Mouth Matte Liquid Lipsticks for Flirt Cosmetics, after struggling to find a formula that stays on without caking up.

In an interview to promote the lipsticks, currently available in three shades, Amber told Us Weekly that she is such a fan of the way Priscilla applies lipstick on her that she no longer does it herself.

“I can honestly say that literally every time Priscilla does my make-up, my lip is always beautiful. For a long time, she would help me pick out the lip colour and then I would do it myself because it just seemed easier to do my own lip,” Amber smiled.

“Then a few years ago she started putting lipstick on for me and now I refuse to put on my own lipstick. She does it so well.”

And to prevent having to touch up her pout while she’s out and about, Amber instructs Priscilla to put on a lip liner.

“That helps it last and then I just trace over it because it’s so perfect. But I can’t do my lips as good as Priscilla does them!” she smiled.

Asked why she thinks Amber is such a fan of the way she does the lipstick, Priscilla told the publication: “She really likes the way I line. I usually go for a really rounded mouth for fullness, sexy, vitality – it just looks pretty.”

Amber, known for her stunning complexion, is also the face of Flirt Cosmetics. But when it comes to her daily regime, the mother-of-one is happy to go make-up free – as long as she can still wear lipstick.

“I would actually leave the house with no make-up on and just lipstick on, in case,” she said. “That’s my thing, yeah, if I have anything on, it’s definitely lipstick, 100 per cent.”

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