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Amy Adams: LA girls are too pretty

Amy Adams says she had some “dark moments” when she realised there were so many gorgeous people in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old grew up in Colorado and moved to Hollywood to try and make it as an actress when she was in her 20s. Amy admits it was a culture shock when she began living in Los Angeles and she often felt intimidated by other good looking budding stars.

She felt inferior to people who were more attractive than she was and she couldn’t believe everyone she met always looked perfect.

"Once I moved to LA, there was a dark moment of trying to keep up with the girls I thought were pretty,” she explained. “Until I realised that's the stupidest thing you can do because people are so pretty in LA! It's not even about the actresses, it's the girl waiting on you at Starbucks. You're like, what? Do you really look like that at six o'clock in the morning?”

Amy soon realised she wouldn’t be the most beautiful person in her industry and sought advice from those around her. Once she had accepted her looks she began to relax and relied on her acting talents. She has since carved out a successful career in Hollywood, starring in a host of hit movies including Doubt, Junebug and The Fighter.

“So I took guidance from some really great people who said, 'Amy, you can make a decision right now to be the person who struggles to be the pretty woman in every film. Or you can be an actress.' So I said, ‘OK. I get it. I'm not really cut out to play the most beautiful creature on earth,’" she added in an interview with British newspaper The Observer.

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