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Ana Matronic doesn’t do white pants

Ana Matronic “salutes” women who can carry off white pants because her “ass is not designed to model such things”.

The Scissor Sisters lead singer, 36, is famed for her quirky dress sense and vintage fashion choices.

Ana, who stands out from the crowd with her flame red hair, knows what looks suit her, and shies away from light-coloured pants because they don’t flatter her curves.

“You’ll never see me in a pair of white linen pants. Those who can rock that look, I salute you,” she admitted in an interview with the September issue of In Style magazine.

“But my ass is not designed to model such things.”

Ana stays away from innovative fashion trends, because she believes they don’t suit her womanly frame.

The 36-year-old American star has listed her favourite designer grab that flatters her figure.

“I’m not too trendy. Because I’m curvy and my hips are big. I have to keep my silhouette really specific,” she explained.

“The feminine style of the Dior New Look from the Forties suits my shape, while certain things just don’t look good. Drop waists destroy my middle. An empire line can be just disastrous. I find myself becoming simpler in my style as I get older, keeping it chic like Coco Chanel.”

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