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Ana Matronic refuses to chuck shoes

Ana Matronic refuses to throw shoes away because they always come back into fashion.

The Scissor Sisters frontwoman is famed for her quirky fashion sense and vintage wardrobe choices. Ana, who stands out from the crowd with her flame red hair, is hesitant to throw away her old footwear because they always feature in the latest trends at some point.

The stunning star also revealed how many pairs she has in her collection.

“I won’t throw shoes away because styles really do recycle in a decade or two,” she explained in an interview with In Style magazine.

“I have some of my mom’s shoes and some from college that I won’t get rid of. In all, I probably have about 350 pairs.”

Ana believes she’s not at the front of the pack when it comes to fashion.

The 36-year-old would rather leave it to the designers and die-hard fashion fans when it comes to style.

“There’s an aspect of me that’s a bit of a fashion outsider,” she revealed.

“I’m happy to leave it to those people who are really devoted.”

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