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Anne Hathaway: Lilac doesn’t suit me

Anne Hathaway says lilac looks the “worst in the world” on her.

The Hollywood actress is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most beautiful stars, and is regularly praised for her elegant style.

The stunning star has revealed the perils of experimenting with different coloured attire, and has recalled a specific fashion blunder.

“I used to think lilac was a really good colour on me, but it was actually the worst in the world,” she told Look magazine.

“I had a lilac and coral sleeveless turtle-neck sweater – it made me look 30 lbs. heavier but I loved it.”

Anne is praised for her womanly figure. The brunette beauty sticks to a rigid diet and make sure she avoids food that don’t agree with her body.

“I don’t eat food that makes me feel ill,” she explained. “I have a problem with dairy, fried food, flour, excessive alcohol and sugar.

“Whatever is left, I eat- and I eat a lot of it, like carrots or trout.”

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