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Ariana Grande's costume designer created 'empowering' tour wardrobe

Ariana Grande had a big input in her tour wardrobe, designed by Bryan Hearns and approved by her stylist Law Roach.

Ariana Grande’s tour wardrobe is “empowering” for women, but still wearable for men.

The Into You singer has just begun her Dangerous Woman Tour, which kicked off in Phoenix, Arizona on 3 February (17) and ends in Turin, Italy on 17 June (17). Costume designer Bryan Hearns has created garments for the star to wear on stage and along with Ariana's input, the outfits have been made to appeal to a wide audience, with items including shorts and puffer jackets.

"I definitely wanted to make sure the clothes are a statement on the stage and that the girl feels powerful in them. And we still want to hone in on her womanliness,” Bryan told “(Ariana's stance on sexism) really went into the design too, that kind of personal strength. A lot of the clothes guys could wear too. They're almost unisex, especially the jackets.”

Bryan also had to take into account the “functionality” of the clothes as, although he wanted to give them plenty of detail, they needed to be easy for Ariana to slip into and out of during changes. As for the shoes, Bryan reinforced them all to give them extra strength, noting the star is the only person he knows who can dance effortlessly in six-inch heels.

But for Bryan one of his biggest feats was creating the black bodysuit with a bejewelled neck and half-peplum skirt which the singer wears upon the concert starting. Ariana has previously worn Bryan's pieces for stints such as her Billboard cover in 2014, and it was the singer’s stylist Law Roach who approached Bryan for the tour looks.

"The biggest surprise was for sure the opening look, just because I wasn't told to do anything for that, and then they didn't have anything to wear last-minute,” he explained. “They flew me out, and I put it together. Literally, it was finished the day before the show. She loved it, and it happened to be the first look she wore!"

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