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Ariel Winter shows off new butt tattoo

The star has already amassed a big collection of tattoos all over her body.

Teenage actress Ariel Winter has bared her butt on social media to show off a new tattoo inked across the top of her backside.

The Modern Family star, who is known for her provocative outfits, wore a white top but ditched her panties for a post on Snapchat on Sunday (23Jul17), when she put her latest piece of skin art on display.

The photo only showed Ariel from the midriff down and featured the 19-year-old laying on her side, with her legs curled up, wearing just a white top and denim jacket. A new phrase can be seen running across her bikini line.

"Love risks everything and asks for nothing," read the caption, suggesting that's the message she had inked onto her body.

Ariel also has a tattoo of a tiger on her upper back, a phrase written in Greek across her hip, a spade icon on the inside of her right wrist, and the initials of her nieces and nephews on her rib cage.

Last month (Jun17), she enjoyed a joint visit to the tattoo parlour with her boyfriend Levi Meaden and they each had half of a red heart inked onto their thumbs.

They also have little markings to represent the nicknames they share for one another - Ariel has an image of a piece of cheese etched onto the inside of her left ring finger, while Levi has a jar of peanut butter on his.

The actress previously discussed her love of body art in an interview with U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, saying, "I think it's a super fun way of expressing yourself. I only get tattoos that are really meaningful to me and I love it."

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