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Ashley Greene has ‘genius’ make-up tip

Ashley Greene has revealed her “genius” tip to creating natural-looking make-up.

The stunning star is famed for her role as Alice Cullen in the hugely popular vampire franchise Twilight.

Ashley has spent countless hours in the make-up chair for her film roles, and has revealed her fail-safe way to appearing natural on screen.

“One of the best make-up tricks I’ve learned was from my make-up artist,” she told “My character was supposed to look like she wasn’t wearing make-up, so she drew realistic looking freckles on top of my make-up. If you weren’t wearing any foundation or concealer that’s what you would see. I thought it was genius.”

Ashley likes to maintain a low-key look when she’s not on film sets. The brunette beauty, 24, insists she has a simple routine when it comes to sustaining a healthy body.

“I have a very laid back and easy beauty routine. I wash my face about three times a day, drink lots of water and exercise when I can,” she explained.

Ashley relies on a few staple cosmetics to keep her looking camera-ready. The American actress also revealed she is more conscious of her skincare routine now she’s hit her mid twenties.

“Every day I wear concealer, mascara and lip gloss,” she revealed. “I’ve also become proactive about my skincare now that I’m in my early twenties.”

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