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Aubrey Plaza: 'I'm addicted to grandma sweaters'

The actress and comedienne was a total tomboy in her youth.

Actress Aubrey Plaza has developed a sweater obsession.

The Parks and Recreation star moved from chilly New York City to sunny Los Angeles in 2008, but even though she has no need for thick layers of clothing in Southern California, the 32-year-old's wardrobe is packed with at least 20 grey sweaters.

“I keep buying them, 'cause there’s something wrong with me,” she tells New York Post's Alexa magazine. “Any kind of loose, baggy grey sweater, I want it. I just wanna wear a grey sweater all the time. Maybe that’s a leftover New York thing."

Aubrey, who is currently promoting her new mutant sci-fi TV series Legion, admits she's never been particularly fashion-forward.

“I grew up wearing a uniform for most of my life, so I think that’s probably why I don’t go too crazy with fashion,” she explains. "I was a total tomboy. I was really shy and really quiet until middle school, I guess.”

However, since becoming a Hollywood star, Plaza has made a concerted effort to clean up for the red carpet, choosing to don glamorous designer outfits in front of the cameras.

“Maybe it’ll just show everyone that if you didn’t grow up wearing pink, it’s not too late," she quips.

When Aubrey doesn't have to be primped to perfection, she can most likely be found snoozing in one of her grey sweaters at home.

“Pretty much I will sleep for 12 hours straight, then I’ll probably sit somewhere and stare at the wall till it gets dark, then go back to sleep,” the comedienne says of what she does on her downtime. “Pretty much, I go into a dark hibernation cave.”

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