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Autumn fashion is aglitter

And on to the accessories. Autumn's aglitter with ruby slippers, jewelled purses and chandelier earrings, says Gemma Hayward

Sparkling Slippers

Brighten up even the dullest of autumn days with a pair of this season's twinkling shoes. Sequins, glitter and Swarovski crystal all make a star-spangled appearance, guaranteed to give even Dorothy and Cinderella a run for their money.

Boy's Own

Finish an androgynous look with a classic lace-up or loafer – the latter may come with a heel just now, but best perhaps leave that to the fashion victim. For a splash of colour in a monochrome world, try red ones.

Gloved Up

Whether your look is ladylike, boyish or downright rude, a glove will finish a look. There are plenty to choose from, including elbow high, fetish-inspired leather designs – try embellishing these with a jewelled bracelet – to woolly affairs with oversized knitted cuffs.

Hats off to her

Fear not the hat. Although few modern women wear them, they are a flamboyant gesture that prove fashion credentials in spades. This season hunting, shooting and fishing, the Roaring Twenties, the 1970s Jet Set and the humble but oft relied-upon herbaceous border all provide inspiration.

Choked Up

The choker neatly nails the fact that both fetish and Victoriana are of the moment and is perfect for those who would rather not bow down to either extreme look entirely. It comes in many guises, including delicate floral, metallic chain and studded leather.

Little Bag Lady

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a trompe l'oeil effect – it really is impossible to fit anything but a lipstick and a mobile phone in the season's ultra-cute mini-purse. There's a jewel-like quality to these that is irresistible.

Ear Candy

The single piece of jewellery to see and be seen in this autumn is the oversized statement earring. Shiny black stars, pearly hoops, Deco-inspired geometric designs and more that look like they've been stolen from grandma's crystal chandelier steal the show.

Big Bag Lady

Given that bags are among the most lucrative accessories, it should come as no surprise that they are designed to suit all styles. The bowling bag, doctor's bag and bucket bag all suit an androgynous look, but are just on the right side of uptight to complement ladylike chic also.


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