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Bags on a budget: 5 high street alternatives to designer labels

By Rachel Dean

Have you ever thought you found the perfect handbag and then got that sinking feeling when you see the very large price tag? We’ve all been there.

For those who want a stylish bag, without breaking the bank, I have found some affordable bags that look very similar to those extremely unaffordable bags. 

1. Burgundy tote bag from Mulberry


Price: £695.

This tote bag from Mulberry is one of the brand’s most popular style.

Alternative: Bershka, £22.99.


Bershka’s version of the tote looks quite like Mulberry’s with a similar colour and grain. You could buy 30 of these and still not pay the price of the designer tote.

2. Quilted shoulder bag from Michael Kors


Price: £295.

Renewed to their collection, this petite bag from Michael Kors is perfect for day or night.

Alternative: ALDO, £40


ALDO’s cross body bag is a close match to the Michael Kors bag with its quilted detail and chain strap. ALDO describe their own bag as one “set to hit the town”.

3. Embroidered bag from Gucci


Price: £2,760

This floral bag from Gucci has an interchangeable strap and unique details referencing to Greek mythology.

Alternative: Stradivarius, £19.99.


At around just 0.7% of the price of Gucci’s bag, this embroidered bag from Stradivarius has very similar floral detailing and chain strap. The only big difference is the Gucci strap with their famous red and green stripes. 

4. Medium tote bag from Burberry


Price: £1,095.

This bag from Burberry comes from their ‘Banner’ collection and is inspired by equestrian style.

Alternative: Groupon, £12.


This very affordable tote from Groupon comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap just like the Burberry Banner. The simple, elegant detailing in each are similar too.

5. Shoulder bag from Chloé


Price: £1,190.

This tan shoulder bag from Chloé can be slung across the shoulder or worn across the body.

Alternative: Warehouse, £26.


This alternative shoulder bag from Warehouse, is extremely similar to the Chloé bag with its colour and saddle buckle. With just a slight difference in shape, this affordable alternative is a close match to the designer bag.

So, you don’t need to empty your purse to get the perfect handbag style. There will be one available on the high-street for a very small percentage of the price.

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