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Banks transformed into a 'witchy woman' for Coachella

Banks' make-up artist Rachel Goodwin has revealed how she created the singer's latest Coachella beauty look.

Banks' make-up artist created a “witchy woman” look for the singer’s second performance at Coachella.

The 28-year-old singer took to the stage on Friday (21Apr17) for the Californian music festival's second weekend, following her first set the previous weekend (15Apr17).

For her latest stint on stage, the star looked gorgeously gothic in a lacy black Alexander McQueen bustier dress and thigh high boots, while her skin was covered in black ink artwork created by make-up expert Rachel Goodwin.

“I wanted to create something that had this ritualistic feel that’s really where she’s at. It’s like an empowerment feel, this sort of witchy woman vibe we’ve been having a lot of fun with,” Goodwin told WWD, noting the patterns and shapes reflected the darker vibe Banks has gone for in her latest album The Altar.

“Once I knew what she was going to be wearing, I looked at the embroidery themes that were going on in that collection and I took a lot of my inspiration from that. All the pieces had this sort of shipwreck feel so we were riffing off of that.”

There was also black winding ink around her neck giving a “sinister vibe”, which Goodwin – who has also worked with the likes of Oscar winners Brie Larson and Emma Stone – wanted to have a “carnivorous flower feel”.

However, the cosmetics expert was also wary about the shapes staying neat in the blistering heat of the desert. She spent a staggering three hours applying the shapes freehand and allowing them to dry properly, using waterproof black pencil and acrylic glue paint.

“This was really challenging because I needed it to stay on,” she explained. “It was much hotter than last weekend, like 100 degrees. She was also going to be wearing at one point this heavily beaded velvet jacket that she’d also be taking off.”

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