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Bargain fever: Get the most out of the summer sales

Don't go mad at the sales and pick up loads of out-of-date purchases. Katie Wright reveals the styles to scrimp and splurge on this summer.

With rack upon rack of cut-price clothes and gigantic signs luring us and our pay packets into the shops, it can be easy to get carried away in the summer sales.

A severe case of clearance fever will find you back at home staring at a mound of clothing you barely recognise, that will stay firmly rooted in your wardrobe long past September.

There is a remedy, however.

A bit of forward planning will help target the trends that have got legs and those flash-in-the-pan fashions that are fun to dabble in on the cheap.

The likes of maxi dresses, stripes, neon brights and monochrome will never go out of style.

So memorise the fashions on display over these two pages (or cut out and laminate - you can never be too careful) and get ready for your calmest clearance ever...

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