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Beauty Bazooka: Pastel nails, statement eyebrows and a unique spot treatment

Honest cosmetics reviews, by Claire Cromie

Pastel nails - Seventeen at Boots

Spring's big colour trend is pastels and where better to experiment than on your nails?

I wanted the mix-and-match ice cream look on a budget - step up Boots' Seventeen range (which I probably haven't used since I was, well, 17).

Now, I've been a slave to pricey brands like OPI and Sally Hansen for years. But I have to admit that this is a fabulous range.

It makes no claims to 'last up to 7 days' etc, like many others do. But these polishes dry quickly and don't chip easily.

I used Fairy Cake, Lemon Tart and Lilac Love.

Price: £2.99 (Currently on 3 for 2 offer)


Pimple and oily skin treatment - Kiehl's drawing paste

Kiehl's drawing paste

Open the tub and this appears to have the consistency and colour of liquidised blu-tack... It's a product I'd never heard of and indeed, it does seem to be unique to Kiehl's.

The idea is to draw out the excess oil from the skin. I've been applying this before I go to bed if I have a few spots under the surface of my skin, or general oiliness around the nose and chin (pop an old pillow case over your pillow because it's messy and it will stain).

What it does best is speed up the process of having a huge pimple by drawing it out quickly, rather than waiting days for it to surface. It's also great at clearing blackheads.

In fact, leave it on for half an hour and you can very visibly see the oil emerge from problem areas. Sounds a bit unpleasant... but it works. A bit on the expensive side, but a tiny pot will go a long way.

Price: £17.50


Statement eyebrows - No7 at Boots

No 7's Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil works a charm.

The pencil isn't too heavily pigmented so it's easy to slick on in a rush, without overdoing it. The brush is shaped like a mascara wand, which I find softer and better for subtle blending than other pencils I've tried.

I don't have time - or space in my makeup bag - for complicated eyebrow kits so this suits my lifestyle perfectly. It's only downfall is it only comes in three shades.

Price: £6.50 (Currently on 3 for 2 offer)


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